Weekly update – week 33

Weekly update


Hi y’all!


We’ve once again reached Sunday, and it’s time for my weekly update. And let me tell you, this have been once of the busiest weeks I’ve been through in a very long time. But more about that later, first let’s have a look at my week in blog posts.




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This week I haven’t done as many posts as I usually do, but do to my unforeseen business trip, I only had a few days to prepare an entire weeks worth of blog posts. However, I’m still glad that I managed to get enough posts together to have one for each day. If I have to be realistic, which I guess I do every now and then, that’s probably how it’ll be for the foreseeable future. I’d love to be able to post a new review every day, but with my new job there’s just not enough time.

Despite being busy, I’m really happy to see my blog grow and I’m so happy to have conquered two new milestones. But numbers aside, it’s just so extremely exciting to see that more and more people, enjoy following and reading my posts.




Elements of Magic (The Demon's Covenant #2)What am I reading right now?

The second book in the reverse harem series The Demon’s Covenant by L.J. Swallow. I was meant to receive this as an ARC, but for some reason I seem to miss a lot of Facebook notifications for groups, so I didn’t receive this one prior to release. However, Lisa sent it to me as soon as I found out, and I’m not at 70%, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the review out to you next week. And so far I can honestly say, that the second instalment doesn’t disappoint.




So what’s been going on in my personal life? If you read my weekly update from last week, you’ll know that my new boss wanted me to go to Copenhagen for the week, to see their office, and meet the new team of employees. I left Monday morning, with our chat trainer, Lucy, who’s never been to Denmark. Unfortunately, there’s no direct flights from Newcastle to Copenhagen (the Danes hate Ryanair), so with a change in London the trip was a lot longer than necessary.

I really want to tell you about my week, but there’s a lot to show and tell, so I will try and put together a different post about this.



That’s it from me for this week, folks!




Lets chat

How’s your week been? Have you done anything exciting you’d like to share? Read anything really good? Or maybe just been chilling and hiding from the real world? I’d love to hear about it, so let’s chat in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “Weekly update – week 33”

      1. Hey thanks for the hug – I am not too bad – everyone around me has been throwing up (not me… yet?) and some family troubles plus still getting used to my new job. Hoping this week will be better!!

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