Competition winning & confession time!

You guys!

Do you remember a few weeks back, I wrote about how lucky I was that I’ve won a competition held by Jo @Online Blanket Fort? If not, you can read about it here: Weekly update – week 31. Anyway, the other day Jo PM’d me on Twitter to ask which book I wanted. I was being completely cheeky and said, that my biggest book wish is Circe by Madeline Miller, but as its quite expensive, I’d love any paranormal romance she’d send my way.

Jo then ordered something, and I asked her not to tell me what it was, even though, I was dying to find out. A few days later this beauty was delivered to me:



Can you believe it? I’m so amazed and floored by Jo’s kindness!



To tell you the truth, this is both good and bad. I do really want to read this book, because the previous book written by Ms. Miller, The Song of Achilles, is one of my all time favourite reads.

In the spirit of honesty, I must admit that the fact that I’ve been studying and been living on a tight budget, was also posing as an excuse to not buy this book. Why would I need an excuse to not read a book I’m so excited about? Well because I’m also a little bit scared to read it!

I loved the first book so much and I know myself well enough to know, I won’t be able to help keeping this one to the same standards. Even though, they’re both standalones so aside from the Greek Mythology theme and same author, they have nothing in common. But sometimes rational arguements and thinking, doesn’t

In spite of that,  I know that I expect a lot from Circe, and a little part of me is afraid of being letdown. But while I work through my growing “has to read” list, Circe will look so incredibly good on my shelf (that I finally received). And hopefully, when the time comes, I’ll have the courage to pick up and read this book!



Lets chat

Have you ever won one of those blogger give-aways? Have you ever been “afraid” or nervous to read a book, because you knew there was a possibility your own expectations might ruin it for you?



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32 thoughts on “Competition winning & confession time!”

  1. I’m reading Circe at the moment, about a quarter through. It’s really different from anything I’ve read before – recommend it so far!

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      1. yes. i got to choose a book and i asked for wicked deep because it’s something i don’t think i would’ve bought for myself since it doesn’t really have romance.

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  2. Congratulations on winning the giveaway plus how lovely is Jo, the blogging community is full of great people. I really worried about reading Sophie Kinsella’s books when I found out she writes under the name Madeline Wickham. I love Sophie’s books and worried that the others would not be to my liking but they were great and I now own the full set of Kinsella and Wickham books.
    Kate x

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  3. I don’t win things. I have a horrible luck haha. But I have been apprehensive to read something too because I’m afraid that I’ve hyped it up too much and will be disappointed as a result. I just need to lower my expectations sometimes.

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