Cadence (Ruby Riot #1) | Review

My rating: ❤❤  of 5!

01 - Cadence

Length: 406 pages
Published: 1st of November 2015



Cadence is the first book in the Ruby Riot series, which is a spin-off from the Blue Phoenix series. It’s not necessary to read the Blue Phoenix series first, but I’d recommend it as some of the characters do overlap.



Jax is the guitarist of Ruby Riot. When his band is discovered by Jem they get the opportunity to follow Blue Phoenix and open for them on tour. This is a dream come true, but Jax is drowning in this dream. Jax puts on his stage persona and tries to screw, drink and smoke his way through it all.

Tegan Hughes, the little sister to Blue Phoenix’s drummer Bryn, get the chance to follow the two bands through their European tour. When she meets Jax they have instant attraction but with Jax being the new “hot stuff”, Tegan doesn’t want to be one of his random groupies and at first, she tries her best to stay away. But with the sparks flying between the two, that proves to be impossible.

It’s nice with another cross over between Blue Phoenix and Ruby Riot when Tegan, Bryn’s sister starts to date Jax. I was also okay pleased with the story line as it is a little different but unfortunately, not by much. It’s very much the same boy & girl are attracted to each other, boy & girl starts to get hot and heavy, boy screws up! However, where’s the plots about the girls screwing up? Tegan is no walk in the park, and not half as mature as she thinks she is! It’s very Dylan and Sky all over again (hello not taking crazy stalking fans seriously), which is such a shame because with Tegan’s personality I had expected so much more!



With the bands singer, Ruby Tuesday, already being in a relationship with Jem, only the twins are left and I’m looking forward to reading their story. Luckily, I only discovered this series years after it came out, so I don’t have to wait longer than it takes me to find it in my KU.




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