When you go from cats to cat – why my end to July and beginning to August sucks!

This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write, but as this affects me deeply it feels only right to update you guys. Also, it’s a plea that you bear with me the next few days, if I don’t reply to comments, or seem as outgoing or positive as normally.

About 2 years ago this furry fella came purring into our life.



They say that nothing good can last forever, and in this case it was true


Yesterday Diaz was dragging himself into our living room by his front legs. He tried to stand, but his back paws was curled under him and he couldn’t move him. We got on the phone to the emergency vet right away, and booked an appointment. 10 minutes later he was fine again, he started purring, ran around normally and jumped up on my boyfriends lap. We were both crying with relief and over the moon! How amazing is that?

He then went to sleep in his little cardboard box, and we cancelled the vet appointment as everything was fine. We both thought he might have fallen down the stairs or something, while we were out, and given himself a dead leg (or two).

When he woke up about two hours later, and the same thing happened. Only this time he was crying out in pain, couldn’t or wouldn’t keep still, and couldn’t uncurl his back paws. This time we wasted no time, and my boyfriend probably broke about a million road rules driving him to the vet. My boyfriend took him alone, as I’d just gotten out of the shower and would only be wasting time while I got dressed.

The vet told my boyfriend that they needed to keep Diaz over night, for observation. So we’d have to come pick him up 2 hours later, to take him to the overnight vet hospital. When we took him to the vet hospital they ran more tests on him, and thanks to a £2000 MRI scan they found that he had a blood clot in his lower back. They also found out that the blood clot was caused by a heart murmur, that he was born with. We didn’t know he had this condition, as he’s never showed any signs of being nothing but perfectly healthy.

The vet hospital still wanted to keep him over night, and see if they could return the feeling to his paws. But this morning they called us, and said there was no change and that to let him live, would mean a life in pain. So, before 8am this morning they put our beloved Diaz to sleep.

Today was my first day at my new job and I can honestly say, that I don’t remember ever having such a difficult day. having to make great first impressions and participate in training, meanwhile my heart was breaking. I had just lost one of my fur babies!

At 5pm today we picked up Diaz body, and put him to rest with his favourite toys  

Diaz final resting



For this blog post I won’t encourage any chat.

If you feel like commenting, please do so. But I won’t be answering questions, because as I’m writing this I’m all teary and snotty, and I’m so incredibly sad. Losing this member of my family is just too hard.


Thank you for your understanding and I hope that y’all have had a better day than me!






17 thoughts on “When you go from cats to cat – why my end to July and beginning to August sucks!”

  1. I am so so sorry you had to go through this. Losing a pet is so incredibly difficult. I am so sorry for your loss. Hang in there! Diaz sounded like an amazing cat and he was lucky to have you as an owner! I couldn’t imagine trying to cope with the loss of a pet on the first day of work. Sending hugs your way ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a post so much. I lost my little fur baby a couple months back, and couldn’t help but feel like I was reliving it while reading your post. It STILL hurts to think about. I am SO sorry for your loss. And hope that you guys (somehow or another) feel better soon, and just keep in mind all of the good times you had with him. At least he is no longer suffering and in a better place now (if that’s any consolation at all) ❤

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  3. You are amazing.I bet Diaz is looking down at you right now.He would not want you to be sad.He would want you and your boyfriend to remember all of the good times you had together.Love Hermione your new friend

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  4. I just want you to know, I felt weird ‘liking’ this post? I am so so sorry. What a horrible situation. Just know that I’m sending positive thoughts and hugs your way. I hope your second day of work goes a bit better. <3<3<3

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