The Entertainer Book Tag #2

The Entertainer Book Tag 01

I was tagged for a second round of this fun tag, by JESS & TEAGAN. If you ever wonder what drink you should pair your book with, you should definitely check out their blog Fiction No Chaser.



Jess and Teagan’s questions:


If you could only read one author for the rest of your life who would you pick?

What kind of evil question is that? Oh and do different pen names from the same author count? Yeah, I really can’t answer this question. I love to change it up.


What fictional world would you NOT want to live in and why?

Hunger Games… it seems like it’s too much physical work, and I’m way too lazy for that.


What three books would you like to turned into a movie or TV show (let’s pretend it would be a good adaptation)?

I like this pretend game, because its so rarely true. I don’t read many standalones, so I’ll go with series instead.


The Four Horsemen by L. J. Swallow



Legends Reborn by Eva Chase



The Dragon Shifter’s Mates by Eva Chase



What is your book pet peeve?

If you’re following my blog and reading my reviews, I bet this won’t come as a surprise! But I really can’t stand the Mary Sue’s of the book world.

A Mary Sue is an original character (oc) and has no flaws. Of course the author of this oc will say “they are clumsy” or “they are not very good at maths” or whatever. They will most probably have a power or an evil twin/ dark side. They also might have an impossible bloodline. Such as a half werewolf or half fairy.

Or if you prefer, special snowflake:

 A person with supposedly unique characteristics or attributes that entitle them to privileged treatment or particular consideration.

If the FMC is a Mary Sue/Special Snowflake I usually end up disliking the book, as there’s only so many times I can stand reading “she was so special”.


What is your secret guilty pleasure read?

I don’t have a secret guilty pleasure read.


Which popular book is your least favorite and why?

I’ve heard that the Starcrossed series was quite popular when it came out, and I really didn’t like it.




Kacie ♥♥ Kristina ♥♥ Consu ♥♥
Laura Beth ♥♥ Hermione ♥♥ Sara




  1. What’s your favourite trope?
  2. Is there any genre or sub-genre that you don’t want to read?
  3. What’s your favourite blog posts to write?
  4. Is there any books you’ve read in 2018, that you wish you hadn’t bothered with?
  5. What’s your biggest book pet peeve?
  6. Which 3 words describe you the best?



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16 thoughts on “The Entertainer Book Tag #2”

  1. I didn’t know there was an actual terms as Mary Sue and Special Snowflakes haha, interesting! Ohh yes, Hunger Games is the worst world to live in!!

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