Strength (Curse of the Gods #4) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!


Length: 274 pages
Published: 20th of July 2018



This is not a standalone so the previous three books of Curse of the Gods should be read first.



Looking through how I’ve rated this series, I seem to be yo-yo’ing up and down between three and four hearts. But if I used “half” ratings, this would be a 4.5. However, as it isn’t quit there, I’ll stick to four!

The gods may call themselves Ab-curse, but Ab-bless would be so much more accurate. These fives muscle bound gods would still make it worth while to read the books, even if Willa kept going downhill.

⭐️ Coen  Who has the gift of Pain
⭐️ Rome Who has the gift of Strength
⭐️ Siret Who has the gift of Trickery
⭐️ Yael Who has the gift of Persuasion
⭐️ Aros Who has the gift of Seduction


Once again the book picks up almost where Seduction left us. Willa and her gods are back in Topia, and once again they’re in hiding. Rau, the Chaos god, still doesn’t know that Cyrus betrayed him to save Willa’s life. Which should mean that the team should lay low. The gods seems to be okay with that plan, but as per usual Willa just can’t help herself.

I’ll be the first one to admit, that her pointing at things and yell “chaos” or making the “gun” with her thumb and index finger, “shoot” it at other gods and say “seduction” is getting a tad annoying. I guess it boils down to her personality. If she hasn’t experienced danger from someone others tell her is dangerous, she just can’t help but rock the boat. And yes, it was somewhat entertaining in the first two books. But by now, it’s just too much! I mean, they don’t really know what she is. All they know is that she has great powers, and with those powers came her great irresponsibility. Annoying as her childish opposition to everything is, there is some fun moments.

They knew the drill: breakfast first.

Aros tsked. “Actually, the family motto is safety first.”

“I’m the one who died, so I get to pick the family motto,” I countered. “It’s breakfast first.”


That’s why I was really happy that most of her childish sh*t only lasted for about 30% of the book. Jaymin & Jane have really stepped it up in this fourth and second last instalment of their series. It’s not really that Willa acts more mature, it’s more that they let the plot and progress draw the attention. And the plot is awesome!

Staviti, the leader and creator of the gods, has declared that every lesser god must train new beta’s. If the new beta’s aren’t ready to ascent within the set time period, both the beta and the god will be killed. Simple as. As such the five Abcurses have to go train their beta’s and where they go, Willa goes. The training shindig is being run by Cyrus, the neutral god, whom Willa just can’t help to annoy as much as possible. However, things are looking up for Willa, when she finds that her BFF Emmy, is the dweller to help Cyrus.

Since Willa can’t help herself she quickly earns a punishment from Cyrus, so she has to go to Topia and pick something up for him. On the journey, which the brothers of course join her on, she learns more of the creation of her gods which hints to the big secret that is her heritage.

I must admit I did enjoy this book a hella lot more than any of the previous ones. So now I’m really looking forward to the 15th of October, when the fifth and last book, Pain will be released.



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