Thirst For Her (Coveted by the Dark #1) | ARC review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤  of 5!

Thirst For Her

Length: 210 pages
Published: the 26th of July 2018

I was lucky enough to beta & arc read this book, so the review is based on a free advanced copy of the book.

This is a standalone paranormal romance by E. M. Moore. Even though, readers of the Ravana Clan Vampires and The Ravana Clan Legacy may recognise certain names, this book is not part of those series.



The blurb:

The thing he never knew he wanted…

Galen Dumont needs only two things to survive his immortal life: blood and sex. But when Kayleigh’s brought to him as a Feeder, the very thing he’s supposed to drain until he has no use for them, the game changes.

He wants her.

He needs her.

And for that, he’ll make her pay.

Thirst For Her is a dark paranormal romance with a commanding vampire alpha and a heroine you can’t help but root for. Material may be considered “too much” for sensitive readers. AKA it’s dark AF.


Galen lives a lifestyle that’s all about him. He takes what he wants and wants what he takes. It’s really pretty simple; he’s a class A predator, even amongst his own kin he’s the big bad. In order to be able to indulge in his life style he has one simple rule: only abduct people that won’t be missed. So, when his appointed Feeder hunter, Simon, brings Kayleigh into their fold, he’s broken their number one rule!

Kayleigh is not like those girls that no one cares about, who parties too much and don’t ask questions. She’s intelligent and loved.  Her biggest flaw seems to be, that she’s missed the point about living life, and instead keeps postponing it and works hard, in order to get to where she wants to be in life.

When Kayleigh is abducted to become a Feeder for Galen, she’s obviously scared. But at the same time, she’s is fascinated with this creature of the night, that she should want to get as far away from as possible. Galen should only want to feed and f*ck Kayleigh, but instead they both find that they enjoy each other. When things goes bad they both learn that old values are hard to shake, and sometimes we make the choices we think we should make, instead of the ones we want to.

Can I just say I am a sucker for dual POV. I just love when I get both sides of the story. It helps me to fall in love with the characters even more and, it also helps with my trust issues (seriously, I always fall for the plot twists).

This is one of the best books I’ve read by the talented Erin. She’s taking the darkness and steam to new heights, which is so unlike any of her previous books. In her Order of the Akasha books there’s steam. In her Ravana Clan Vampires there was some, but it took a while to getthere. And The Ravana Clan Legacy has hinted of some steamy stuff, but we haven’t really gotten there yet. None of those come close to this book! So if you like paranormal steamy romance, this one might just be right up your alley!

Oh and for the Ravana fans out there, this may or may not be about the parents for a certain suitor



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Does this sound like something you’d read? Have you read anything like it or by this author? Comment and let me know.


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