Bound to Gods (Their Dark Valkyrie #2)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

02 - Bound to Gods

This is the second book about Ari and the gods and goddess that made her a valkyrie: Freya, Thor, Baldur, Hod & Loki. This is not a standalone so if you haven’t already, you should definitely read Claimed by Gods first.



This second instalment in the series starts up pretty much where the first book ended. Ari and the gods got tricked (and not by Loki), and now they’re in an almost exact replica of Asgard. However, as the illusion of Odin crumbled to dust they know they’ll have to be somewhere else, as he’s the only one that can open the way to Valhalla. Now the question beckons, who’s behind this and why are they being kept there?

The why is easily answered, someone doesn’t want them to find the Allfather. The who, well honestly, I wanted to slap myself silly! Towards the end of the first book I kept thinking “trust your instincts Ari.. don’t fall for it.. trust them… This time the joke was on me! I should have trusted my gut feeling about the different characters, because someone have been busy working shady deals behind the scenes.

In the illusion prison it quickly becomes clear, that it’s built on memories. And because of that, Ari might be their saving grace. As she hasn’t been to Asgard before its easier for her to see through the charade, but as they’re voicing that theory out loud Ari suddenly has a big target on her back. Though, there does seem to be a loophole in the design. The illusion and the scenarios they encounter, are all echo’s of someones memory. So what would happen, if the memories are re-written? If there’s more to them, or instead of tearing them apart, the illusions bring them closer together? That could make each of them realise, that there’s more going on than they originally thought.

But even knowing they’re illusions doesn’t make it easier to handle, when the puppet master unleashes the worst memories. The death of Baldur. For the god of light being in the darkness was particularly nasty memory for all the gods and the goddess.

Once again I was completely sucked into this world Eva has created, surrounding myself with the Norse myths and legends. And I loved every second of this fast paced and intense book. As there’s nothing to eat or drink in this illusion world, time is of the issue, which leaves no downtime for our heroes and heroine’s. But even so, they do find time to get closer to each other.

As a last thing I quickly want to mention the character growth. In all the books I’ve read by Ms. Chase, I’m floored by the development her main characters go through. And this series and book is no different. When they’re faced with their deepest and darkest fears, they all have to comes to grip with the past and learn that sometimes being a victim is a choice.



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Have you read this book? Any of the books in the series? Or any of the other books Eva Chase have written? Comment and let me know.


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