Twitter goals & the infamous follow/unfollow game



I see so many people dedicate a blog post to goals. What do they want to achieve this month, how are they going to get there etc. And I really admire people who do that! For a brief English-minute I did consider doing it myself. But then I came to my senses. I am not a person who works well with a list of goals, printed in black and white (or which ever colours) – it would just be sitting there, mocking me. I think it would stress me out and probably even take away most of the fun from blogging.


Though, I did have one small goal: reach 300 Twitter followers by the end of July. I know were only like half way through, but I was so happy the other day when I saw how close to my goal I was: 286 followers. I then figured I’d Tweet and almost beg for more followers, okay let’s be straight, I didn’t almost beg. I begged. I even used the Puss in Boots, because who can say no to those eyes!  Over the last few days, I’ve seen an increase in followers, which is absolutely fantastic – and I’ve now reached my goal!


Twitter Folowers


But I’ve also seen that the numbers are going the wrong way. Thanks to the app: Who Unfollowed Me?, I can see that there’s a lot of people who play the infamous follow-get followed back-then unfollow-game.

Who Unfollowed Me


That “game” prompted me to do a summer clean of the people I follow. On my blog. On email. On Twitter. Everywhere. Now in all fairness, I don’t expect or demand people follow me, just because I followed them. To me that’s not why I follow anyone. I usually follow people with similar interests, or content I enjoy. But it is somewhat disheartening and annoying seeing people unfollow, as soon as I followed them. I know some people block the ones that’s done that to them. I’m not taking it that far. Personally, I just don’t feel like that’s people I want to interact with and thus, I won’t continue to follow them.


I have seen similar thing with my blog followers. But aside from manually comparing who I follow, to who follows me and then look at the timestamps, I don’t know how to track that. But I think it’s a shame when people do it! Especially because the blog community is so giving and awesome to be part of, so I really don’t understand why some are doing things that way. I don’t mean that hitting “follow” means you’ve pledged to follow that person for forever and a day. We all change and so does our interests, but I just don’t see that happening within say a few days.



Let’s chat!



What’s your thought on the follow/unfollow thing? Do you do it? Have you noticed people doing it to you? Do you have a list of goals, or do you take things as they come?Comment and let me know.



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28 thoughts on “Twitter goals & the infamous follow/unfollow game”

  1. This is one thing I hate so much. I follow people because they have similar interests to me and basically because I want to! I don’t understand the point of following/unfollowing and it’s rude. What’s the point in having a ton of followers if you never interact and get to know people 🙈

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  2. Instagram has been the WORST for me. I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize if someone is going to do it because they will have like 10k followers but only be following 300. I simply deny their request (if I’m on my personal) or remove them on my bookstagram. It’s so frustrating! I haven’t seen it as much on Twitter. Congrats on meeting your goal though ☺️

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    1. Omg yes, Instagram is the worst!! I never get over my 130 followers even though I almost every day get notifications of new followers, but there are always so many unfollowing that it evens out… It’s kind of sad to watch, really… 😦

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  3. Well… On twitter every couple of months I check to see if people I follow, followed me back. If not, I unfollow them. I don’t feel hurt. It is their choice. In the recent times, many book bloggers have done so…
    Their wishes, their choice

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      1. I have seen this happen quite often too, but I have to say it is hurtful for me… I don’t know, just yesterday I’ve read someones tweets and went over their name with the cursor and was honestly quite shocked to see that they didn’t follow me anymore, when I was sure we were following each other before. I haven’t changed my content in any way so I don’t see why that would happen. I want to feel like being surrounded by friends in this online / blogging community so it does hurt to see that…

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      2. I do understand that it can be hurtful. I mean, you put a lot of time and energy into something, just to have some people abuse it for their own gain. That’s just not okay! And I agree, I would rather be surrounded by awesome people, than a lot like that.


  4. Personally, I try not to do it (unless it was a genuine mistake and I did not mean to follow that person), but I don’t really care too much about follow/unfollow. It’s none of my business what other people do and don’t want on their feeds, and either I’ll like the unfollower’s content, or I’ll dislike it and also leave. It’s more stress than it’s worth to worry about who does this, at least for me. And besides, if that’s what they’re going to do, I don’t think they were ever going to read my content anyways. Might as well just keep blogging for the folks who do stick around.

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    1. Mistakes do happen! I’ve unfollowed people by mistake (damn you, double click!). I don’t mind people not following me just because I follow them, that’s their choice and my content might not be as interesting to them, as theirs was to mine. For me it only irks me, when they used said follow, and then unfollow me as soon as I’ve followed them. Lol I’ve wrote that word “followed” so many times now 😛

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  5. I notice the follow / unfollow thing a lot on twitter and it’s so annoying. I didn’t want to have to block anyone but there came a point when I noticed this one person doing it legit for the 10th time and I was so mad so I had to block for my sanity 🙈

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  6. Agreed! I try to follow anyone who follows me. I figured if they take the time to look at my blog or follow me, they deserve the same. We are all here to support each other. I have seen the follow/unfollow too and also some who are always looking for followers but never follow. I agree it is rude

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    1. I try to do the same most of the time, unless we really have nothing in common. Which is also why I don’t expect an automatic follow, from those I choose to follow. Like the other day some extremely religious person followed me, I didn’t do the same, because I’m really not into that.

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  7. I know how disheartening it can be, I get this same reaction on Instagram. I used to have way over 1k followers but thought some were just ghost followers, and I was shocked at how many had unfollowed me. So i had a huge clear out and only have over 300 followers now. I simply unfollowed them, but i recognised a few then decided to follow me, so i blocked them

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