Poison’s Kiss (Deadly Beauties #2) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

02 - Poison's Kiss

Published: 28th of March 2014
Length: 253 pages

This is the second book in C.M. Owen’s Deadly Beauties series. If you haven’t read the first book, it’ll be hard to follow the plot and characters in this one!



This book picks up almost right where Blood’s Fury left us, which is kind of a mess. Kane didn’t know Alyssa is a witch, and she didn’t know he’s a Night Stalker. Two natural sworn enemies should not be bedding each other, and certainly not loving each other. The hate and distrust is deeply rooted into both of them, that they instantly turn their back on each other and expect the worst. I.E. Kane thinks Alyssa played him, to get to his ruthless and powerful sire. Alyssa thinks Kane played her to get to her blood, which she willingly gave him access to during their sheet exercise. In order to cope with the reality of things, they each use different mechanisms. Kane becomes distant and cruel towards Alyssa, where as she finds salvation in her Dark Witch, Gage and flaunts their relationship in front of Kane.

The plan to avoid one another should be easy enough, until they learn that Kane’s psychotic sire is hunting down Alyssa. While Kane does almost beg her to leave town, she for some reason doesn’t. Alyssa spends a lot of time, thought process and words repeating the same mantra: just because I’m a super natural, doesn’t mean I have to accept there’s people around me that could kill me or that I should be smarter and take care. Okay, that’s not actually what she says, but it might as well have been! As a witch she knows how dangerous all these deadly beauties around her really are. But for some unknown reason, she refuses to take things serious. It’s like a child holding their hand in front of their eyes, or sticking their fingers into their ears while immaturely stating: if I can’t see or hear you, you can’t see or hear me.

At the same time she chooses to be with Gage, but is still drawn to Kane at every chance she gets. I know that C.M. Owens created the perfect loop whole for this, but still, Alyssa doesn’t get any cool points for her behaviour. It turns out that because Kane is immortal, when he took her v-card it created some special bond between them. Meaning, until Alyssa sleeps with someone else, she’ll keep pining and aching for Kane. How romantic!

But despite all these negative things, it works! C.M. Owens pull out the stops and I’ll admit, that despite the love triangle this book is awesome. As a reader we get pulled more into this super natural world, see even more species (which I really liked) and, I do feel for Alyssa. She’s been so sheltered and now BOOM, she’s right smack in the middle of everything and has to learn on the go.

The story becomes more interesting, tangled and complex when we learn that someone is gunning for Alyssa, and her family. On top of that, even her powerful father might not be enough to stop this faceless foe.

All the characters keeps the downtime interesting. Alyssa’s BFF Thad and Kane’s coven are amazing. Their snark and world ideas doesn’t let you down! But I think the best part is, that in trilogies the second book can often feel like a filler. Sort of a lay by between the introduction and the grand finale. Well that’s not the case here. This second instalment provides some answers, but leaves you with even more questions. Actually, as I’m writing this review I’ve finished the third book too, because I was too hooked to put it down! This does back fire a little, because by reading them like this back to back, it’s harder to remember exactly what happened in which book.

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