Forever Sky (Blue Phoenix, #6) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤ of 5!

06 Forever Sky

Dylan and Sky’s third and final book is also the end for the Blue Phoenix series. Even if you have no interest in the other band members, you as a minimum need to read the first two books, but even then, you’ll be missing out if you don’t read Liam’s, Jem’s and Bryn’s stories.


Loving the plot, but over Sky!

I wasn’t quite sure I whether I would be reading this book as I really can’t stand Sky. However, I have issues stopping through a series. Whether or not I like the characters I need to know what happens to them. So that’s why I decided to read this last instalment of the Blue Phoenix series.



There’ s so much going on this book, it’s fast paced and it does contain some new struggles for Dylan and Sky. I would say that the hurdles they have to overcome are more real than previous. However, I still can’t stand Sky and feel that she brought most of this upon herself. Am I too harsh on her? I really don’t think so! She’s had previous warnings in the earlier books and yet, when an old nemesis turns up, again, Sky refuses to take it seriously. She also refuses to listen to her own body, just because it doesn’t fit into her schedule. And where does all that get her? In a shitty position and she even ends up, taking a big and special moment away from Dylan, just because she’s a brat.

I’m still floored by Lisa’s writing, which once again proves to be truly amazing. The plot in this book is actually pretty great, I just wish Dylan had another partner. I love Dylan, Jem, Bryn, Ruby Tuesday and Avery. However, I could do without ever hearing from any of the other members of their group.


Have you read this book, or any books in the series? Are you thinking about it? Comment and lets chat!


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