Unplugged (Blue Phoenix, #3) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤ of 5!

03 Unplugged

Technically this story is a standalone, but please note that it is part of the Blue Phoenix series, so it does contain spoilers and overlaps with previous books, which should be read first.


Cerys is a normal single mother after her daughter’s (Ella) baby-daddy locked them out of their house. Her BFF is Liam’s sister, who still lives at home. Cerys had Ella really young, doesn’t really have any job qualifications or savings, so when her BFF offers up Liam’s old room, which is unused, Cerys and her daughter moves in, temporarily.

Liam is engaged to Silicon Valley Barbie, Honey. After finding very questionable pictures of his fiancé, with another man, Liam needs a break. So he decides to go back home to Wales, and spend the holiday his family. Apparently, he’s not really close of them, at least not close enough that anyone told him about Cerys and Ella moving in. When Liam is surprised by this discovery, instead of ecstatic, his sister has a go at him and accuse him of being selfish. (Well excuse me for being surprised a stranger is sleeping in my childhood room).


Back in the days, before Blue Phoenix really took off, Cerys was one of Liam’s groupies, so they do know each other. However, back then Liam wasn’t interested in his little sister’s friend. But as they’ve grown up their relationship changes.

I think Liam is a light hearted and nice character, his laid-back personality is miles apart from Dylan’s intensity. However, I still can’t connect with Liam he continues to be very “blah” to me. Cerys on the other hand, she’s just so righteous and with her a moral queen attitude, she acts like she’s part of the Fun Police. Yes, she has Ella and because of that she needs to make responsible decisions, but to me she’s not that responsible. So, her actions don’t match her words. And despite of that, no one is allowed to make a mistake.


Liam and Cerys’ story finishes in this book, and the next one is going to be about Jem. Now that I am excited about!

Have you read this book/series or are you thinking about it? Comment and let’s talk.


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