Summer Sky (Blue Phoenix, #1) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

01 Summer Sky


When Sky Davies leaves her boyfriend and job behind for some “me” time at the beach she meets Dylan Morgan. First, he rear-ends her car, then he picks up her knickers. But awkward and embarrassingly meetings a side, the attraction is instant and they try to revert back to their teenage self and starts a Summer romance. Dylan is also running away from his life. The pressure of being the front man of his band Blue Phoenix, is getting to him and he needs to clear his head. Dylan is not being upfront with who he is, and since Sky doesn’t know, Dylan finally gets to feel like a normal person.


The inevitable happens, and after a trip to a local town where Dylan is being recognised, Sky leaves Dylan to find his own way home. In the meantime, Sky Googles Dylan. What she finds causes her to run away from Dylan and their relationship. Dylan, try as he may, can’t seem to get Sky out of his head and he turns into a bit of a stalker. Sky wants nothing to do with Dylan and his fame, so she tries to stay out of the limelight.

For all his fame Dylan is a very down to earth character who can’t and won’t give up on Sky, even though, she keeps pushing him away. I did get very annoyed and frustrated with Sky. I feel that the authors attempt at making her a quirky, sassy and will strong character have failed. Her indecisiveness and thought process is bothersome at best, but the way she handles things is just so juvenile.


This book does end on a cliff-hanger but since all the books are out, it’s not really a problem.

I can’t really say that the plot is new but Dylan’s character is awesome – so much so, that he makes up for Sky’s flaws and makes me crave more. On top of that, I absolutely love Lisa’s writing style so I’ll definitely continue this feel-good series.



Do you enjoy reading about swoon worthy Rock ‘N Roll gods? When celebrities fall in love with “normal” people? Comment below and let’s chat!


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