Cursed Gift: Reverse Harem (Ravana Clan Legacy Book 3) | ARC Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Cursed Gift - book 3


I was lucky enough to BETA and ARC read this book and voluntarily decided to leave my honest review.



The blurb:

As Izzy still moves forward with choosing her mates, she must also comes to grips with the failings of her gift and the realization that her world isn’t as secure as she thought it was.

This is serial #3 in the Ravana Clan Legacy series, a reverse harem paranormal romance.



In first book in the series, when we first meet Izzy, we hear about how she’d invited someone from each of the leading clans, to be her potential mate. However, one of them didn’t show up and now it looks like, we’re finally learning why no one had seen or heard from him – or any of the other members, of China’s leading clan. We also learn more about Izzy’s special abilities that now more than ever, proves to be both a blessing and a curse. Especially for Izzy, who just wants to keep all the clans safe.

I really LOVE Erin’s characters and, this new concept where I can build my own harem.  So far, I’ve said yes to all three suitors, but there’s two certain someone’s I hope will be joining soon. The best friend and the douche. I clearly have issues, but I definitely want them to join, so I am hoping the choices I’ve made so far won’t eliminate them.

From a review perspective it’s hard to write a lot about these books as they’re really short. This one is only 76 pages. The fact that the books are so short, is both a blessing and a curse. The shorter instalments means that Erin is releasing them at a quick pace, it’s also a little frustrating because every time I get really into the story, it finishes. So, personally I think I’d prefer to wait a bit longer and then get a longer book.



Have you read these books or any of Erin’s other books? Or is this something that sounds interesting to you? Comment and let me know.


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