Book Survey: Greek Mythology Style! Part 1

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I saw this book tag/survey over at Beatrice‘s blog and as someone who LOVES Greek mythology, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. However, instead of doing one long one, I’ve decided to divide mine up into 2 different tags. I’m lazy like that!



Let’s begin with part 1 of this bookish survey: Greek Mythology style with the gods of Olympus!



God of the Sky and Thunder / King of the Gods

Favourite book (choose your own category!): 

Song of Achilles

I always have such a hard time choosing just one book. But I think my all time favourite will have to be the Song of Achilles. Even though, the plot isn’t exactly new Madeline’s take on the story of this legendary hero is new, unique, refreshing and incredibly beautiful.



God of the seas & Earthquakes

Book that drowned you in feels: 

Just Be You01Well once again I’m tempted to choose Song of Achilles, because wow! But instead I’ll pick Just Be You by M.E. Parker. This book had me turning page after page, while basically taking me through every feeling known to man. It’s also fitting to choose this one right after my first pick, because to me the love story in this book is just as beautiful as the one in Song of Achilles.


God of the Underworld

Favourite book with a dark / ominous plot:

Deadly Captive - The Trilogy


The darkest books I’ve ever read are without doubt the books in Bianca Sommerlands Deadly Captive: The Trilogy. These books are so disturbingly twisted and yet, I couldn’t put them down. I usually don’t read books with violence, rape and seriously twisted mind-games. However, these were the exception to my rule and I’m not sorry I read them.




Goddess of Marriage & Family

Cutest fictional couple:


For The One

William & Jenna from For The One.

Will is such a sweet, kind and amazing guy. I seriously wish there was more guys like him in the book world. Sometimes it gets a bit too much with all the bad boys and that’s when it’s refreshing, to stumble across guys like Will.



Goddess of Wisdom, Handicraft & Strategic Warfare

Series with the best world-building:



Their Vampire Queen by Joely Sue Burkhart has one of the best worlds I’ve ever read about. Seriously, it really pleases my inner feminist. In this world the Aima queens rule their court, with the help of the goddesses that’s sired their blood lines. A queen answers to no one but said goddess and her Blood (think of them as knights) live to serve. Yeah, even I realise I’m not doing the best of jobs describing this amazing world that Joely has created. But if you’re a sucker for vampires (no pun intended) and mythology and, aren’t scared or repulsed by blood, these books are definitely worth checking out.


Goddess of Love & Beauty

Most beautiful cover on a 2014 2018 release:



How freaking beautiful is this cover? It’s so gorgeous that even if I didn’t desperately wanted to read the book, I would buy it at some point, just for the cover. It’ll look good on the shelves I’m waiting for.






God of War & Bloodshed

Most violent book you’ve ever read:

I don’t really read violent books so I guess Ares and Hades will just have to share this one: Deadly Captive: The Trilogy. These books are so disturbingly twisted and yet, I couldn’t put them down. I usually don’t read books with violence, rape and seriously twisted mind-games. However, these were the exception to my rule and I’m not sorry I read them.


God of Blacksmiths & Fire

Scorching hot swoon worthy character:



Darton from Legends Reborn by Eva Chase. This reincarnation of King Arthur is definitely swoon worthy. Especially once he finds out who he really is, and sheds his modern day Jock exterior.


Goddess of the Hunt & Virginity

Favourite Kick-Ass Heroine:



I know I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll probably mention it again many times in the future. Keyla/Paca from The Dark Side by Kristy Cunning is hands down the most amazing heroine I’ve ever read about. Don’t belive me? Well check out this quote:

My epiphany has been that none of you deserve me. You can look. You can fantasize. Like I’ve had to. Try to bring home a woman, and I’ll make farting noises while wearing a dolphin costume and acting like I’m humping each of you. See how long you can hold an erection then.”

That’s right! When the guys she consider hers doesn’t instantly swoon and fall at her feet, she’s hurting. But not so much that she throw or tantrum, or even neglect her protection duties. Instead she woman up and tell them what’s what. Seriously, I LOVE her and her totally inappropriate sense of humour.

“The point is, we can’t enjoy a woman, unless we enjoy her together. It’s part of the bond. None of us have ever had a woman on our own.”
“So if you were a boy band, you’d be One Erection,” I state, rambling because they have me nervous.


God of Light & Healing

Sequel book that redeemed its series:

I’m going to agree with Beatrice’s answer to this.

Son of Neptune


The first book in the Heroes of Olympus series The Lost Hero wasn’t bad because Rick Riordan’s writing is amazing. But I didn’t enjoy the characters as much as I did in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, because I missed Percy Jackson. The son of the sea god is probably one of the best narrators I’ve ever come across, so even though, Rick changed to third person perspective in this series, Percy’s snark was missing. Right until we meet him again in The Son of Neptune.



Messenger of the gods and god of Thieves & Commerce

Book with the best message:



Yeah I know, once again I’m not able to choose just one book. So, instead I’ll go with one series: Rock-Hard Beautiful is a Reverse Harem series by C.M. Stunich. The characters are broken and each of them, drag around their own personal baggage of nightmares. However, together they’re stronger. This series is filled with messages, so you can take your pick at which is better, but these are the top ones for me:

  • Self acceptance
  • Leave the past in the past
  • Learn to deal with life, love and loss


Goddess of the Hearth & Home

Book with the most relatable story:

Hmm, as a romance reader, with extra focus on Reverse Harem and Ménage I don’t know how relatable I find the books I read. And the exact same can be said for the mythology books I read.


Goddess of Fertility & Agriculture

Favorite bookish setting:



I like romance stories that are set in modern time, especially when there’s also a touch of legends and/or paranormal beings. So, for this one I think my favourite is The Four Horsemen by L. J. Swallow


God of Wine & Celebration

2014 / 2015 2018 release you are most anticipating: 

There’s a few I’m looking forward to:



That’s the end to this bookish survey, with 14 of the Greek gods. I will at some point make a part 2 with the HEROES OF OLYMPUS.



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  1. lol I agree about the Heroes of Olympus thing. Percy’s voice is really what made the original series pop out, so Son of Neptune definitely alleviated the Heroes of Olympus for me. Also, YAY Madeline Miller! SoA is amazing, and I actually have that copy of Circe on my bookshelf. 😉

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