Playing with the codes

To me this starting a blog have been very daunting. I’m by no standard or measure clever or even good, at doing all this coding and what not. Even when I find “how to” guides for dummies, I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle. And let me tell you, all that frustration is not pretty on this side of the screen.

That’s why I’m SO happy to find other bloggers, that are willingly sharing their tricks of the trade. Seriously guys, you’re saving me from prematurely going bald. Thanks to LaRonda I found May, and her words of wisdom. I’m forever grateful for this because, May’s NOT SO SECRET WORDPRESS TIPS & TRICKS is written in a way that even I get. How awesome is that!

So let’s put these life hair-saving tips to the test, shall we? But first I should clarify, that I’m not going to talk through how I did any of it, because May have explained it way better than I ever could. So, in order for it to make sense, I would have to outright copy her post and let’s be honest, I couldn’t buy enough mango’s, to the mango queen herself, to make up for that. So, instead this will just be me, testing whether not I can make it work. Yes, that’s not nearly as fun or educational but that’s how it is and if it helps, it’s a huge personal challenge!

First off, I’m going to try to change the text size, because until 20 minutes ago I thought you could only do that by changing between heading, preformatted and paragraph. Turns out I was wrong!


Want to put a text size on it? No problem. Code:  CODING FOR DUMMIES

At first I followed the instruction to the letter, because I’m an idiot like that. Then by messing around with it, I learned that the space between the needed to be removed. Seriously, that’s how challenged I am, that it took me 10 minutes to figure that out! Anyway, after finally figuring it out I can see how easy it is to change the text size to my liking. This is definitely something I’ll hold on to and use in the future. Oh, and I also learned why people write it with extra spaces when showing it to others, otherwise it disappears because, it’s a freaking CODE. As you can see, there’s a lot for me to learn!

Now we get to what really made me excited (again, I’m weird like that). I always try to be mindful of spoilers, when I write reviews. And I LOVE Goodreads hide spoiler option, because sometimes it’s impossible for me, to completely avoid spoilers. However, I hadn’t found anything similar here on WordPress, which is why you’ll see it in the title “review – contains spoilers”. I don’t like how that looks, but in all my simpleness that was the only thing I could come up with, until now. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, there is a way!



The code:





Again, remember to remove the spaces between < and > they’re only there to show you the code. And no, I’m not ashamed to admit that it took me 3 tries to figure that out.

This is nothing short of brilliant and I can’t thank May enough for sharing these magic tricks. There’s even more tricks on her post, but as this have now taken me well over an hour, I’m all coded out for one day.

How about you, are you a coding wiz? Did you know of these helpful tips? Do you have any you feel like sharing? Comment and let me know!

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25 thoughts on “Playing with the codes”

    1. Your post is brilliant, May. A lot easier to understand than most other guides I’ve seen. The only thing I tried, but gave up on was how to change the text in the comments. I couldn’t find the settings needed for that, so I might have to go back and play around with it another day 🙂

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