The Unique Blogger Award

The Unique Blogger Award

I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Unique Blogger Award by Sara, which I really appreciate. Thank you ❤ If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her blog THE BIBLIOPHAGIST.




  • Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer their questions
  • Share some love with the blogging community by nominating 8-12 people
  • Ask three questions for your nominees





1. What’s your favorite quote from a book you’ve read this year?

My favourite quote is from the book Four Psychos, the first one in the series The Dark Side.


My epiphany has been that none of you deserve me. You can look. You can fantasize. Like I’ve had to. Try to bring home a woman, and I’ll make farting noises while wearing a dolphin costume and acting like I’m humping each of you. See how long you can hold an erection then.”


Four PsychosKeyla is without a doubt the most amazing FMC I’ve come across in a long time. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself, she’s fiercely protective and she understands, that the she’s not the centre of everyone’s universe. At the same time she’s so vain, sassy and snarky. Overall she’s a joy to read about!



2. What book would you love to see made into a movie or TV series?

I know I say this all the time, with all sorts of different questions, but I cannot just choose one book. Let this be a lesson: if you’re ever in a situation where you need to make a tough decision, do not under any circumstances ask me. I’m useless!

Anyway, back to the question! instead of choosing just one book, I’ll choose one series.




I think this could be an exciting TV series, definitely something I’d watch.



3. If you could frame one book cover and hang it up in your house, which cover would it be?


Oh, interesting question. I’ve never thought about that…

I think the UK cover for the Mid year reading challenge 08 Song of Achilles is beautiful.

It could totally fit into my book-den – the one I don’t have yet, but will get as soon as I become a millionaire!








  1. How do you decide what book you will read next?
  2. If you had to build your own harem, which 3-5 book loves would you choose? You can only pick one per book.
  3. What’s your favourite kind of blog post to write and why?





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