Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Blurred Lines

Let me start by saying a HUGE thank you to the awesome Sara who recommended this book to me, when I asked for ‘friends to lovers’ books. I absolutely loved this amazing book, so thank you for steering me towards it


Ben and Parker met each other freshman year of college and quickly became best friends, and then roommates. In present day, six years later, they’re still going strong with both the rooming situation and as best friends. In all those years they’ve numerous times had to fend off the cliché that men and women can’t just be friends. Because they are totally and platonically 100% best friends. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Ben is your typical no-strings-attached, wham-bam-thank-you-mam player, while Parker is in a long term committed relationship with Lance. So, when Lance dumps Parker it seems out of the blue. Though, it wasn’t totally out of the blue because there had been plenty of signs. Anyway, he dumps her because he wants them to see other people – or rather, he wants to see another girl he’s met. Parker then decides to take a page out of Ben’s playbook and play the field. It doesn’t take long before Parker finds out, that none of the men she meets while on the prowl, does anything for her. So, after a heart to heart with her mother (seriously, I was amazed with how open their chat was), she realises that somethings missing. Parker figures that what she needs, is someone she can have an all around good time with. Not just sex but also laugh and talk with – but still with no strings.

Parker uses this new-found knowledge to rationalise her next move: propose to Ben to progress their friendship from platonic BFF’s to BFF’s with benefits. There’s only one rule: exclusivity. As long as they’re sleeping together, none of them will be with anyone else. But if one of them wants out, all they have to say is “cello” and then everything goes back to how it used to be. I’ll admit, while Parker went on and on about how this would be another no strings attached thing, all I wanted to say was: “hello! Those are strings, Pinocchio!”.

Most people know that mixing sex and friendship isn’t always the best solution, especially not if you’re not willing to throw yourself 100% into it. Parker and Ben start to realise that they both feeling and doing more than they bargained for, but both too afraid to own up to all these feelings. So, instead they end up ruining their friendship.

What I enjoyed the most was the easy and funny banter between Ben and Parker.

He inches by me into the hallway. “Another house rule: Parker shalt not say profanities such as future wife to a dedicated bachelor.”

As well as their personalities. Actually, forget that. It was Ben’s personality I loved the most. On the surface he’s this confident womanizer but you don’t have to dig deep, to realise that there’s a lot more going on underneath the surface. Ben’s parents had a clear path picked out for him and when he deviated from said plan, his parents weren’t all that gracious about it. They basically drew a big fat equality sign between their path and success. So, any accomplishments he’s made goes on unnoticed which have left him with a pretty big inferior complex. Unfortunately, even his best friend doesn’t realise this causing her to add to the list of things he doesn’t think he’s good enough for, or even deserves.

For Parker, I absolutely loved her right until Lance shows up again. As a reader it’s easy to see that she’s running scared and confused. However, I couldn’t hep but feel so disappointed in her. Ben have been there for her through everything and yet, she’s having such a hard time seeing him for who he really is and help him overcome his shortcomings and doubts. All because she’s so caught up in her own world.

This is the first book I read by Lauren Layne and I’d recommend it for anyone who loves the ‘friends to lovers’ trope.


How do you feel about ‘friends to lovers’? Is it something you read or would want to read? Comment and let me know.



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10 thoughts on “Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne | Review”

  1. Have you considered expanding your book review with other genres than romance? It would make your blog interesting!


    1. I assume you mean more than the few mythology books? I have considered that and I’m trying to move towards romantic comedies, to see if I can take the plunge into comedy books. Only time will tell if its actually going to work. But other than that, I don’t really know what other genres to try out, as I really do love romance. But if you have any recommendations, by all means hit me with them 🙂


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