Dangerous Fling (Dangerous Noise #4) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Dangerous Fling

 This is a spin-off of Crystal’s other rock star series, Sinful Serenade. Even though, the Sinful guys do make appearances in this series too, it’s not necessary to read their stories too. Each of the four main books in this series are standalones. However, the entire series involve all the members of the Dangerous Noise band and thus, you’ll meet most of the characters in each book even as secondary characters. So, while it’s not necessary to read all the books, I’d recommend it to avoid spoilers and in order to connect with them all.





Throughout the Dangerous Noise books, we’ve heard about Mal. He’s portrayed as an indifferent commitment-phobe with a fondness for BDSM. I wasn’t actually looking forward to his story because he just didn’t seem that interesting to me, but that just shows how wrong I was in making such a rushed and uninformed opinion.


Mal is the lead singer of Dangerous Noise and the older brother to both Ethan and Piper. He’s the last of band members to find love, but he’s not interested in anything but fuck buddies. While wanting to keep his female relationships simple, he fights a loosing battle to keep his family tight. Between their parents traveling and Piper and Ethan moving in with their partners, Mal is pretty much left alone. He does what he can to put up a strong front. He doesn’t want anyone’s pity so he won’t let anyone see that he’s actually hurting.


Lacey is an opportunist so when she’s asked to fill in for a tardy actress while filming a Dangerous Noise music video, she goes for it. When Mal wants a “friends with benefit” relationship with her, she goes for it. In short, she embraces the chances she gets in life. Personally, I didn’t really click with Lacey until (view spoiler) but the way she was there was incredible, and that made me go from tolerating her to loving her.


I think that what I enjoyed the most in this book is that while there was some angst and sadness, it was legit. It wasn’t due to someone making up their own truth in their head, it wasn’t due to someone being weak. It was due to life.


The plot is standard and ticks off all the boxes needed for these kinds of books:


  • Boy meets girl
  • Instant attraction
  • They get to know each other
  • But oh no, complications arise and misunderstandings/secrets are blown out of proportion
  • Someone is sorry
  • HEA


So, don’t get your hopes up – this is not a new spin on that.


This book took Crystal’s writing to new heights!




Have you read this book and series? Do you like rock-star romance? Comment and let me know.


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