Dangerous Rock (Dangerous Noise #3) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

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 This is a spin-off of Crystal’s other rock star series, Sinful Serenade. Even though, the Sinful guys do make appearances in this series too, it’s not necessary to read their stories too. Each of the four main books in this series are standalones. However, the entire series involve all the members of the Dangerous Noise band and thus, you’ll meet most of the characters in each book even as secondary characters. So, while it’s not necessary to read all the books, I’d recommend it to avoid spoilers and in order to connect with them all.





What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there!


Dangerous Noise’s drummer, Joel, needs to take his mind of life and where does one do that best? In the city of sin. Las Vegas is a great place to get drunk and for Joel, to leave all his troubles behind. When Bella receives some bad grades from her first semester at law school she, too, needs to leave reality behind and let her hair down. As it turns out, a stunning stranger might just be exactly what Bella needs.


Joel and Bella share several rounds of drinks, some bump and grind on the dance floor and a trip to one of Vegas’ many wedding chapels. When they awake the next day, with the rings on their fingers, Joel sees it as fate, but Bella knows it can’t last. The couple have seven days to figure it all out, before their annulment hearing. Bella tries to hide her insecurities behind her professionalism, but Joel helps her see that life is what happens while she was busy making plans and together they learn to embrace the unknown.


I absolutely love both of these characters, as a couple as well as individuals, so I was rooting for them all the way through the book. Joel and Bella are incredibly easy to connect with and while there is some drama, I loved that there wasn’t a lot of angst and stupid misunderstandings.




Have you read this book and series? Do you like rock-star romance? Comment and let me know.


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