Sinful Ever After (Sinful Serenade #5) | Review

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!

Sinful Ever After

While each of the other books are standalone’s this last one involves all the couples we’ve met through the previous four Sinful Serenade books. So, I’d recommend reading all of them first, in order avoid spoilers and in order to connect with them all.




This book is basically a happy ever after for all the four Sinful Serenade couples:


  • Miles & Meg
  • Drew & Kara
  • Tom & Willow
  • Pete & Jess


Each couple face one last angst filled dramatic trial before they skip into the sunset together.


Personally, I don’t really feel that this book was necessary. I would have preferred to have more Tom & Willow and Pete & Jess time, than having to deal with Meg and Drew again. So, this one was not for me.


I am, however, looking forward to the spin-off series: “Dangerous Noise”.




Have you read this book and series? Do you like rock-star romance? Comment and let me know.


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