Dangerous Kiss (Dangerous Noise #1) | Review

My rating:  of 5!

Dangerous Kiss

 This is a spin-off of Crystal’s other rock star series, Sinful Serenade. Even though, the Sinful guys do make appearances in this series too, it’s not necessary to read their stories too. Each of the four main books in this series are standalones. However, the entire series involve all the members of the Dangerous Noise band and thus, you’ll meet most of the characters in each book even as secondary characters. So, while it’s not necessary to read all the books, I’d recommend it to avoid spoilers and in order to connect with them all.






I was so excited to read this book and continue my journey with Crystal’s extremely hot rock stars but unfortunately, I really couldn’t get into the main characters in this book.


Ethan is a narcissistic man child and Violet is a really weak woman.
When we first meet them, Violet has been accepted into a great school and when she shares her news with her boyfriend, Ethan, he throws a tantrum that would make any high school queen B proud. So, instead of being a loving and supportive boyfriend he makes Violet choose between him and his dream (his band) or leave him to follow her own dream. When Violet fails to convince Ethan that they can both have their dreams and make their relationship work, she leaves Ethan. Ethan throws everything he has into his band and they make it. In the process he becomes a man whore and fuck pretty much any groupie that makes it his way.


I get that this is one of those “second chance” love stories but the thing is, that at this point I was rooting for Violet and applauding her choice, I didn’t actually want the two of them to get back together.


When they, years later, get back into each other’s lives I couldn’t really stand any of them. Violet is such a weak female lead that it hurts the female pride I didn’t really know I had, until I read this book. The amount of time Violet is thinking “I can’t say no”, “I shouldn’t, but I can’t say no to him” is ridiculous. If I made a shot game out of it I would be well and truly drunk by the end of this book!


What I enjoyed most about this book was the secondary characters, so I will be continuing this series to meet them. But for Ethan and Violet, all I can say is good riddance.






Have you read this book and series? Do you like rock-star romance? Comment and let me know.



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