100 followers & beta reading for Joely Sue Burkhart

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I am so humbled that five days before my blogs 2 months anniversary, it’s gained 100 followers. Its a great feeling to look at the stats and see the numbers grow, but nothing beats the knowledge that these numbers are people. People that take time out of their day, to read my posts, like and comment on what they’ve read. Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty awesome feeling!


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Originally, I thought to myself that when I hit the triple digits I would give a shout-out to the “lucky number hundred” but as I’m sitting here now, I’m not going to do that. Because at the end of the day, I’m thankful for each and every person who reads my blog posts. So, thank you for making blogging fun, I really appreciate it ❤


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On a completely different note the author of one of the best Reverse Harem series I’ve read, Joely Sue Burkhart is in the middle of writing the last book in her Their Vampire Queen series + a spin-off story. Last week I wrote to her on Twitter and offered my BETA reading services (yes, I’m nice that way 😉 ) and today, she sent me some of her upcoming Queen Takes Jaguar. This book features Mayte, whom we meet for the first time in Queen Takes Queen and without giving anything away, I dare say that this queen has had quite a journey to get her to where we meet her.


So far, Twitter has proven to be great for my blog. It’s a great way to interact with other bloggers, authors and to post random thoughts. If you want, you can find me @BibisBookBlog


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23 thoughts on “100 followers & beta reading for Joely Sue Burkhart”

      1. Thanks, Bibi! 💗 I don’t have nearly that many on WordPress. I think that number includes email followers, Bloglovin’, and also Twitter followers. If you add the WordPress follow button to your site, it will show your combined followers, too. I’m going to make sure I am following you on Twitter. You are right that’s so wonderful for bloggers! ♥️

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