Unlawful Entry (Carnal Mischief #3) | ARC review

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Unlawful Entry

I was lucky enough to receive a free advanced copy of the book and, voluntarily decided to leave my honest review. Thank you Netgalley


This book is releasing on the 17th of July 2018.




This is the third book in Ember Cole’s Carnal Mischief series and while it seems, that each one is naughtier than the previous instalment, this one took the series to new heights for me. The first one was good, the second one was meh and this one, well this one is the winner.


Unlawful Entry is the story about Ryssa the boring self-deprecating lab assistant and, the smoking hot NYPD officer Zach, her bestie’s neighbour. Ryssa has made her work her number one priority in life which means that her social life, is pretty much only hanging out with her bestie, which she barely has time for. During a catch up it becomes clear, that Ryssa seriously needs to get some. There’s just the problem that she’s extremely shy, so she doesn’t want to be setup with someone she could potentially run into in the future. Luckily, her BFF is a genius and suggests that she organizes the entire thing, let the guy into Ryssa’s apartment, where she’ll be waiting blindfolded. Ryssa goes on board with the plan and sets the ground rules: no kissing on the mouth (how very Pretty Woman) and no talking. Absolute anonymity.


Ryssa’s BFF takes reverse psychology to a new level when she tells Zach about the plan. Because in the end, Zach demands it to be him. As an officer he doesn’t want to leave it up to some random Joe, who could end up abusing his power. I’m not exactly sure that “Protect and Serve” necessarily needs to be taken that far, or that he would have offered himself up for jus anyone, but hey-ho, off to do the girl, he must go. When Zach gets to Ryssa the next evening he finds a list of things she wants him to do and, from Ember’s writing it sounds like he does a bang-up job (pun intended).


This is very much a straight forward steamy love story without any big character development, or even description. So, if you’re looking for something with major character growth and complex back stories, this is definitely not the book for you. If you’re looking for a fast paced and short sexy story (I finished it in 2 hours), this one should do the trick.


Personally, I think what I enjoyed the most was the lack of the abovementioned character development or even description. In the previous book Private Prick, it felt too much like Ember tried to provide just that, but it felt half-hearted. In these kinds of books, I prefer to just keep it short and sweet, if you’re not going to invest the time and pages in fully committing.


Does this sound like a book for you? Comment and let me know.


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