June reads and what comes next

June and what's next


I remember when I was a kid, I often thought that time was moving almost punishing slow. Of course, the afternoons hanging out with my friends just flew by. But either while in school or while doing chores, 1 hour would feel like an eternity. Now, I’m finding myself being surprised how fast times passes by. Can you believe it? it’s already July.



So, what have I been reading in June?


New books:




NIGHTWALKERS by Taneshia Jayne Wilson – book 1


NIGHTWALKERS – 159 pages.



Held By Magic by L.J. Swallow – The Demon’s Covenant book 1

Held by Magic


Held by Magic – 202 pages.


Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini – book 1, 2 & 3


Starcrossed – 501 pages.
Dreamless – 510 pages.
Goddess – 465 pages.


Just Be You by M. E. Parker

Just Be You01


Just Be You – 293 pages.



Tracking Fate by E. M. Moore – Ravana Clan Legacy book 2

Tracking Fate Reverse Harem Ravana Clan Legacy Book 2


Tracking Fate – 84 pages.



Everything He Wants by Jenna Fox – book 1 & 2


Everything He Wants: Obedience – 208 pages
Everything He Wants: Lies – 206 pages.



Carnal Mischief by Ember Cole – book 2

Private Prick


Private Prick – 168 pages.


The Connaghers by Joely Sue Burkhart – book 1 & 2


Letters to an English Professor – 53 pages.
Dear Sir, I’m Yours – 258 pages.



The Dark Side by Kristy Cunning – book 3

Two Kingdoms


Two Kingdoms – 292 pages.



So, that’s all the new books I’ve read in June. Not as many as I would have liked but unfortunately, I did hit a few slumps and had to catch up on my course studies. Which is also why, I’ve had quite a few re-reads this month.






Their Vampire Queen by Joely Sue Burkhart – book 1, 2, 3 & 4


Queen Takes Knights – 190 pages.
Queen Takes King – 352 pages.
Queen Takes Queen – 286 pages.
Queen Takes Rook – 304 pages.


Rock-Hard Beautiful by C. M. Stunich – book 1, 2 & 3


Groupie – 394 pages.
Roadie – 328 pages.
Moxie – 273 pages.



The Dark Side by Kristy Cunning – book 1 & 2


Four Psychos – 210 pages.
Three Trials – 210 pages.



Gaming the System by Brenna Aubrey – book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6


At Any Price – 391 pages.
At Any Turn – 367 pages.
At Any Moment – 442 pages.
For The Win – 464 pages.
For The One – 472 pages.
Worth Any Cost – 349 pages.


In the grand total I’ve read 28 books or 3399 pages. Not too bad. Hopefully, I’ll get to read more new books next month, instead of so many re-reads.



Not all the books I read was purely pleasure reads (though I did enjoy the hell out of them).



  • Private Prick



  • Just Be You
  • Held By Magic
  • Tracking Fate



What comes next?



I still have to two ARC reads that I need to finish. “LOCKED” by Penelope Wren.




The book is scheduled to be released on the 2nd of July and, can be pre-ordered on Amazon.





Unlawful Entry


Unlawful entry by Ember Cole which is releasing on the 17th of July and, it’s available for pre-ordering on Amazon.








I’ve also just received a list of friend-to-lover books by the great Sara, so hopefully I’ll get around to them. Here’s the suggestions she was kind enough to pick for me (no YA, no love triangles):



The Addicted series by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Addicted to You

Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie 
is a second chance friends-to-lovers romance


Head Over Heels by Serena Bell
Head Over Heels

Dirty Sweet by Roxie NoirDirty Sweet A Friends-to-Lovers Novella








Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne
Blurred Lines

From the blurbs all five of the books sounds really interesting, so I can’t wait to dive into some friends-to-lovers romance. It’s been way too long since I indulged in this guilty pleasure of mine!







This month I was meant to be buddy reading a few books but unfortunately, that never happened. One kept postponing and then stopped answering, another never actually answered so it didn’t happen. As I still haven’t done a buddy read and, kind of really want to try, please let me know if you’re up for a buddy read. I’m not set on any particular book, so it’s not a locked thing. So, if you’re interested just let me know 🙂



And that’s a wrap!



How about you, how much did you read in June? What did you read? I’d love to know.


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