Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side Book 3) | Review – may contain small spoilers

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Two Kingdoms


If you follow my blog you’ll know that this is probably one of the top 5 books, that’s kept me on pins and needles while waiting for it to be released. At midnight, the second the calendar changed the date to the 29th of June, I was on Amazon trying to purchase this book – imagine my disappointment when Amazon was slow at doing their part, so I didn’t get the book until 10am UK time. As there’s no word on when the next, and final, book in this series is out I tried to pace myself, I really did. But… I couldn’t. I finished the book in one sitting and now, I’m busy processing what I just read whilst being super sad the next one isn’t out yet.

If you’ve read the first two books in this ahmazing series, this review won’t really be spoiling anything – nothing big anyway. However, if you haven’t read any of the books, oh boy, welcome to my personal spoiler party.

Let’s begin!

So, let’s go back a bit to catch up! In Three Trials Paca finally learned of her true identity, this woman is none other than the Devils favourite daughter. As one of the Devils heirs, she’s filled with both purities and impurities because, you know, the perfect balance must be maintained. This seems to be one of Paca’s specialties especially after, she gave the four men a piece of herself. So, who are they all? Well the four men are none other than the Four Horsemen and as a very vein creature, who could she but The Apocalypse?

In this third instalment of the Dark Side series, we get to know even more about Paca, her four Horsemen, daddy dearest and her siblings:

  • Lilith
  • Hera (yep, THAT Hera)
  • Cain
  • Manella
  • The Twins

This book starts pretty much exactly where Two Kingdoms left us, when Apocalypse goes to hell to kill her father. Just before that though, she had her harem sent away, so they’re not up to speed on what’s happening and can’t reach her. Something they’re less than happy about, which they let her know the second she returns.

“Before you say anything –“

“You wanted us to care,” Kai says, interrupting me, slowly standing to his feet.

“Of course I did. I still do, and –“

“You fucking maddening, suicidal, infuriating hell spawn,” Jude growls, interrupting me again.

“I realize I’m technically hell spawn, but I find name-calling to only be fun when I’m the one creating the names,” I say, trying to lighten their eerily similar, brooding mood.

Doesn’t work.

The more I write this review, the harder I find it to completely separate Three Trials and Two Kingdoms. Because so many things from the previous book is explained in this one. While creating a whole other set of problems and questions. Honestly, Kristy’s brilliant writing is out of control. One of the things that struck me the most, is a comment Lamar (Manella’s boyfriend) makes about Apocalypse and her Horsemen. In previous lives Apocalypse held all the control and, constantly had to balance it between Famine, Pestilence, War and Death. This time around, it would seem like the Horsemen are the ones holding the imaginary reigns. One of the examples of this change in control is in a previous life, when Apocalypse was having sex with her men for the first time. Back then she sent them all to their separate rooms and, visited them one on one. Telling each one that they were her first but forbade them, to speak to each other about it. This time around, the men blindfolded Apocalypse, so she didn’t know who her first was. At the time it happened (in Three Trials) I never thought much about it. And while I don’t know how important it really is in the grander scheme of things, I suspect it must mean something as balance is really important in these books, I can’t imagine it’s complete meaningless.

We also finally learn who originally killed not only Apocalypse, but also her harem, and most importantly; why! Turns out that all the Devils children, well I suppose technically they’re more creations – anyway, all of them are weapons. Since a pure champion failed his duties, to take down a beast, Apocalypse apparently sided with her father and had plans to seal off hell. So, instead she was killed and, it turns out the recycling of her men was done as a mercy by one of her siblings. However, nothing is as it seems and all things are pointing towards one thing: Apocalypse allowed herself to be killed and, had some kind of backup plan. The problem now is that whilst she managed to somehow come back to life, she still has no memories. She has echoes of memories that sometimes surface, but it’s far from all the time.

The resurrection that should have been impossible have the purest wondering, if she could be the champion. So, they want to test her powers, not truly believing that her memories are gone. Those tests are both physically and psychologically exhausting. The psychological one proves to be the worst, showing her own biggest fear. The illusion created specifically to test her proves to be particularly cruel, when it also interferes with the relationship between Apocalypse and her harem.

We also learn that Apocalypse’s balance is being selflessly selfish, or selfishly selfless, depending on her take on it – either way she must be both in order to keep the balance. Each hell spawn has their own trade mark, like Lilith’s gifts come with a curse for balance.

I realise I’m kind of just describing some of the fantastic scenes in the book, giving a lot of details on some parts, while neglecting others completely. I usually try to not write reviews like that and, write about my overall impression instead. However, this book makes that almost impossible. There’s so many things going on and so many different feelings being felt, which makes it damn hard to do. So, what else can I say? I loved every single word that Kristy have written.

The voice of Apocalypse is so refreshingly unique. She’s truly one of the most awesome heroines I’ve met.  The way she views the world

“I bet that’s in the How To Control Your Harem guidebook.”

Her main impurity is vanity, which shows at the most awkward and inopportune moments which is absolutely hilarious. Like maybe while fighting for your life isn’t the best time to stop and admire your crown, but that certainly doesn’t stop the Apocalypse. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, if you like anti-hero characters with over the top lame puns and dark humour, you should definitely give this series a chance.

I need a handbook: How to Sync Mensies with Your Harem.



Let me know what you think, is this something you’d read or have read?


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