Darker (Fifty Shades as Told by Christian #2) | Review

My rating:  of 5!

Darker told by Christian


I think that Fifty Shades Darker was my favourite book in the original trilogy, so despite Grey being cringe worthy, I was excited for this one. There were quite a few different things I was looking forward to reading from Christians perspective. Mostly, the scenes where Anastasia leaves the room. Like seriously, why did she, as the original narrator, leave so much? It’s annoying!

Anyway, now that Christian finally gets his voice heard I liked reading about his alone time with Mrs. Robinson and with his mum. (HA! That was so satisfactory). I’m not sure that these bonus books were needed, had E.L. James just introduced dual POV from the beginning. I do like it more, when you get it site by site instead of books later. But even so, I did enjoy this read.



I don’t know if there’ll be a Fifty Shades Freed from Christians perspective, but it comes out, I will I be reading it. I always have a hard time abandoning books and series, so if there’s a third book, I have to read it. If she writes an “Christian and Anastasia 10 years later”, to top up her earnings, I’m sure I’d be able to avoid that one without feeling I’m missing out. But for now, I’m stuck to finishing what I started.










Have you read these books or watched the films? Are you on the love or hate wagon? Comment and let me know.


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