Reverse Harem | Top 5 series I’ve read

If you follow my blog you’ve probably figured out, that I’m almost obsessed with this subgenre to Romance.


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So, what is Reverse Harem or RH?


Most of us know about the traditional harems: 1 man and multiple wives/lovers/concubines. This genre is all about 1 girl with multiple love interests. The woman does not own the guys, though, in the Paranormal Reverse Harem books, they often belong to her coven or group. The choice to be part of someones harem is made voluntarily and, they have the option of leaving if they want to.

I first found this widely popular genre back in November 2017, when I read the first book in the Four Horsemen series – and it was love at first book. I love that there’s no love triangle (#whychoose) which opens up for so many other kinds of drama, plot twists etc. Since then I’ve read quite a few different ones – both normal and paranormal and, I cannot get enough!


Top 5 Reverse Harem series – random order


Rock-Hard Beautiful

Groupie | Roadie | Moxie


C.M. Stunich’s masterpiece “Rock-Hard Beautiful” is one of the most beautiful, ugly, flawed and loving stories I’ve ever read. I’m always a bit on the fence when it comes to normal Reverse Harem stories, I’m not quite sure why, but that’s the reason it took me so long to start this series. Now that I’ve finished it (and re-read it a few times) I kind of wish I could read it for the first time again.

You know how misery loves company? In this series, so does pain. But it might not be the worst of things, when you find people that can not only keep you company, but also help put your heart and soul back together. Lilith can come across as a special snowflake in the beginning, but it’s hard not to love her and admire her strength as the story progresses.



The Four Horsemen

Legacy | Bound | Hunted | Guardians | Chaos | Descent | Reckoning


L. J. Swallow and her four Pony Boys will always have a special place in my heart. Not only is this one of my all time favourite legends, this very series is also the one that introduced me to the Reverse Harem genre. 

The biblical legend of the Four Horsemen claims that when the seal is broken, and the first horseman rides out, it’s a sign that the apocalypse is near. In Lisa’s world the horsemen are protectors, meant to stop the apocalypse.



The Dark Side

Four Psychos | Three Trials

Four PsychosThree Trials

I cannot praise these books enough! Unlike many Reverse Harem heroines, Paca is something completely different. Instead of having the plot bend over backwards for her, she’s constantly sacrificing herself for her four psychos. She’s feisty, sassy, smart, loving, loyal and just so extremely lovable and inspirational.

WARNING: The third instalment in this series will be released on the 29th of June 2018, I don’t know when the fourth and last book will be released.



American Goddess

Divine Ambrosia

Divine Ambrosia


With Vivienne’s skilful merge of old and new, she’s created such a brilliant, fun, sexy and sweet story. On top of that I found Vivienne’s take on things to be amazingly unique, and I really like what she has created. Personally, I think that what I enjoyed the most was Esme. Sure, she’s the goddess of love but Vivienne gave a her so many extra layers than the conceited and superficial love Aphrodite is known for. With all those extra layers Esme’s love seems so pure and sincere, which makes this an even better read!



Their Vampire Queen

Queen Takes Knights | Queen Takes King | Queen Takes Queen | Queen Takes Rook

Queen Takes KnightsQueen Takes KingQueen Takes QueenQueen Takes Rook

Holy freaking moly! These books are steamy, gory, bloody and so sinfully hot. I guess these books are a bit on the darker side of things, but to me that only made the reads all the more enjoyable.



As much as I love Reverse Harem it is by far the genre I’ve read, where I’ve encountered the most Mary Sue’s, or special snowflakes if you want. With these women literally having a harem of men following them around, they’re often portrayed as whiny, demanding and self absorbed. These women kill my reading buzz, which is why I LOVE when I find books where the heroine embraces her role and harem, without being too needy.



Have you read any Reverse Harem books? What’s your favourite? Or is this something you’re staying away from? Comment and let me know.




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      1. I don’t mind overly friendly characters, at least it’s not why I choose whether to read or ignore a book. But from what I’ve heard there’s too much friendliness compared to plot and, she’s mentioned as one of the worst Mary Sue’s. So, I think I’ll give them a pass lol

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