Worth Any Cost (Gaming The System #6) | Review

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Worth Any Cost


Welcome to Gaming the System



Disappointing book without any of the usual close bond to the characters!


I’m going to be completely honest here; this book was a very big let down for me. In
the other books, in the Gaming the System series, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster with the hero and heroine of the book.

I’ve cried with April, laughed with Adam, been sad with Jenna, felt the despair and frustration a long side all of them. However, this time I felt nothing but irritation and frustration.


Adam and Mia are back and, it’s time to plan their wedding.


Irritation that Adam hadn’t learned from past mistakes. Irritation caused by the very dull and tiresome (and completely time-wasting) fears Mia go through….. all in all another hype with nothing to it. The frustration comes from the fact, that it feels like Brenna has completely changed Adam’s personality. In the first three books we continuously hear about, how Adam is into the environment and don’t like to splurge. As a man with such a huge wealth, he still thinks about how he spends his money. Yet, when it comes to his own wedding his splurging is not only out of character and control, it’s downright ridiculous!

I’m woman enough to admit that my lack of patience and annoyance might also come from the fact, that in book #4 (April & Jordan) and book #5 (Jenna & William) we were promised the following book would be released “later this year“, but it never did. Only almost 12 months later. So this time I felt like I waited for nothing.

Here’s hoping that Brenna will actually manage to stay on top of her enormous workload and release Kat’s story in 2017! EDIT: Still waiting and rumour has it that it won’t be released until late 2018.


Have you read the books? What’s your thoughts on this series? Comment and let me know.


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