For The Win: (Jordan & April #1) (Gaming The System Book 4) | Review

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

For The Win

Welcome to Gaming the System


I was really looking forward to getting to know Jordan Fawkes better. We’ve seen him in the first three books and I kept thinking, that he’s one of those characters that deserved his own story. Through the brief interactions he’s been part of so far, it was clear that there was more to him and I found that very intriguing.

This is hands down my favourite book in this series, so far. I can’t help it, Jordan and April are my new favourite book couple.


I like them individually but I love them together! How could I not? They complement each other very well and when push comes to shove, they stand by each other.

Personally, I feel that with this installment the Gaming the System series has grown leaps and bounds from the epic mess that is Adam and Mia.


April is a gaming n00b, social chameleon and book loving new intern at Draco Multimedia. What I like most about April is how relatable she is. Personally, I’ve been there and done that to the whole bringing my books to the party, sneaking off to a dark corner so I can engross in my books instead of socialising. (I still do that at the occasional family birthday). But it’s not just personally April speaks to me, I’ve been in jobs that I had to suffer through for future career opportunities. This sucks under the best of circumstances, but it quickly becomes intolerable if your boss or co-workers are out to get you!


Jordan Fawkes is the sinfully hot surfer CFO of Draco Multimedia, on the surface he’s a bad-boy, however, you don’t have to dig deep to realise there’s more to this golden boy. He has dealt with his fair share of hurt, betrayal and disappointment in his past, all of which has lead to his bad-boy persona. I feel that Jordan is harder to relate to than April, but only till you start getting to really know him. Most of us can recognise some of the struggles he’s been through, and with such experiences in the bag, it’s hard to live life as an open book!

It’s a breath of fresh air to have two leading characters, where they’re both comfortable with their sexuality. None of them are virgins. None of them has dominant or kinky tendencies. Sex is a part of life that should be enjoyed, so it truly is great to read a book where it’s more about their chemistry and feelings for one another.

Of course there’s still drama, but it’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t steal attention from the plot.


So all in all I’d say that Brenna has redeemed herself, at least in my eyes, and I’m so excited to get to know the next couple she introduces us to.

Have you read the book? Does this sounds like your kind of read? Comment and let me know.


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