Everything He Wants: Lies (book #2)

My rating: ❤ of 5!

Everything He Wants Lies

I received a free copy through Netgalley, in exchange for my honest review.



This is the second book in the Everything He Wants series by Jenna Fox.

Megan and Sloane’s “relationship” continues to hit new lows. Between Sloane’s love for alcohol (seriously, it reads like he could rival any alcoholic in unit intake), Megan’s insecurity and their shared trust issues, you got the perfect recipe for disaster. Luckily, Sloane’s identical twin brother, Cain, is waiting around every corner in the hopes that Megan will choose him, so they can skip off into the sunset together.

Instead of doing the sensible and realistic thing, turning down Cain, Megan can’t really make up her mind. She keeps stating that her loyalty and heart belongs to Sloane. And yet, she doesn’t completely shut the door on Cain.

When a business meeting goes as wrong as possible, and Megan’s consent for use of Sloane’s signature finds its way to a dotted line it really shouldn’t be on, Sloane kicks Megan out on her arse. Out of the company. Out of his bed. Out of the house. Oh and on top of that, he slaps a $150.000 fine on his broken and homeless ex assistant. Charming. Megan tries to claim her innocence, but her drunken boss and lover won’t hear of it. So, what does Megan do? Naturally, she returns home and start over. She leaves with Cain. And have sex with him. Nothing says healthy mind like having rebound/revenge sex with your ex’s identical twin. I’m sure psychologists world wide would have a field trip with that one.

Megan quickly finds out that Cain isn’t all that he seems to be and, when his plan to square a debt with some really shady people backfires, Megan becomes both a victim and a fugitive. Instead of doing just one sensible thing, she once again leaves with Cain and of course, has sex with him, again.

This book does end on a HEA and huzzah for that. I might have been happier about it, had the plot and characters been believable. Unfortunately, the entire book felt more like a draft, than something that should have been published. Just like the plot, the characters lacks depth, emotion and development. I know they’re a work of imagination, but that’s also how they read. I’ve read books about all sorts of paranormal beings, that was so well written that I was sliding further and further into their world, with each page turned. Yet, these normal characters were the most unrealistic thing I’ve been reading about in a long time.

Personally, I don’t see why these 145 page books couldn’t have been merged into one. Or why Jenna didn’t add more pages to the books. That way it might have been easier to really get into it.

For all the abovementioned reasons I cannot recommend this series, or rate it higher than 1.

Have you read the books? Did you like them? Comment and let me know.


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