Stalking the authors

I’ve always kind of wondered why Madeline Miller named her debut book “the Song of Achilles” – and not too long ago I was talking to the great CYNIC ON WINGS about it. Personally, I’ve always thought it was because it was Patroclus singing Achilles’ Swan song. Obviously, that was just my thought on it and as it often is with book titles, everyone makes their own assumptions and have their own interpretation.

So, I did what I do best, I stalked Madeline Miller and demanded an answer. (Okay, I went on her website and send her an email) but the first part makes me sound more hardcore!

email to Madeline

I didn’t actually expect to receive a reply so imagine my surprise, when I all of a sudden received an email from Madeline herself.

*Takes a moment to fangirl over that all over again*

Right, so here’s what the email said:

reply from Madeline

And let me tell you, reading that email was a right DOH moment, Homer Simpson style!

homer simpson doh


I knew the Iliad means “the song of Troy” and I really have no bloody idea, how I didn’t click on to Achilles’ song earlier. My mum would be very disappointed.

If you’ve read any of my BETA posts you’ll know that I LOVE talking to authors about their book, especially the ones that leaves a big impression. So, if you for any reason read this, Madeline: thank you so much for getting back to me, and answer a question that has been puzzling me for years!


What about you, had you made the connection between the book and the title? Do you ever ask authors questions about their books? Comment and let me know.


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4 thoughts on “Stalking the authors”

  1. Hehehe I’ve said it before, but I’ll say again just how awesome it is that you contacted Madeline Miller, and that she actually contacted you back! I’ve never taken the initiative to do something like that before, so I think I should start stalking some authors now? 😉 Awesome post, and thank you again for solving the mystery for me! ❤

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