FIFA World Cup Book Tag |Because even this football hating reader, has to watch the World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Book Tag

Thank you to Catherine @ THIS IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS for tagging me in this! ❤ This tag was created by Rendz @ Reading with Rendz and I think it’s about time people realise that reading is both a hobby and sport too, so considering all the excitement surrounding the World Cup right now, the timing couldn’t be better. 




  • Link back to this post so I can read all your wonderful answers!
  • Answer the questions the best that you can!
  • Tag a few friends at the end to keep this tag going!
  •  Have fun!

Time for kick off!!!



Let the Flags Fly

Wave them high and proudly!!! Look at all the fun colours!!!
A Book from your World Cup Competing Country/ the Country that You Want to Win!


As I’m born in Colombia, grew up in Denmark and now live in England it can get quite messy to figure out who to root for. As of now, while they’re still in, the Danes get my support.

Erik Menneskeson

Erik, son of man by Lars-Henrik Olsen

As a teenager I used to love this book about the Norse gods. Basically, the story is about a boy named Erik, that’s kidnapped by Thor and brought to Asgard in order to help the gods. I haven’t read this book as an adult, but I have a feeling that I would still like it – at least I hope so.


It’s The Beautiful Game

Football! Soccer! Beautiful! Whatever you call it!
A book with a pretty cover / A book that features soccer

Japhet beautiful cover


I don’t know anything aboutthis book, except what it says on the cover. But it is a beautiful cover.


Ferocious Fans

Face paint! Big signs! Lots of noise!
Name a fandom you love being a part of!

I’m going to have to copy Catherine’s answer for this one:



Since I never did receive that Hogwarts letter, I have pretty much given up. But given the chance, I would definitely give Quidditch a go.


Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!

There is no way one person can win the game!
Name your Favourite Bookish Crew / A Book that has Co-Authors!

I’m seriously drawing at blanks here… I have no idea what to answer to this one.


Ref Blows the Whistle

You either love him or you hate him.
Name a book/character that you mixed feelings towards!

Deadly Captive - The Trilogy

The Deadly Captive trilogy by Bianca Sommerland

So this one is a strange one because I don’t really know, how I feel about any of the characters in any of the three books. However, Cyrus has to be the biggest mind puzzle I’ve encountered throughout my 2018 reads. Do I like him? No, not really. But his twisted personality and cruel psychologically mind games makes him interesting.

To me he really is the character I hate to love (well, admire) and love to hate.


Everyone loses their heads and starts yelling at the top of their lungs!
Name your last 5 star read!


Held by Magic

This one is easy: Held by Magic by L.J. Swallow

I did kind of expect to love this book, because Lisa always seem to impress me and sweep me away from reality, with her words. However, expecting to love something can be a double edged sword, because sometimes the expectations are too high. Luckily, that wasn’t the case here.


The Gold Cup

It’s what we play for.
The Most Coveted/Loved Book On Your Shelf

Right, if you follow my blog I suppose this isn’t a surprise!

song of achilles

I feel like I’m mentioning this one all the time, maybe I should ask Madeline to give me 10p every time I mention it. Anyway, I can hardly deny that this is my most loved book on my eBook shelves, and physical shelves (well at least it used to be, till I lost it).





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20 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Book Tag |Because even this football hating reader, has to watch the World Cup.”

  1. Great answers!! Thank you so much for the tag!! What a fun one to do! I’m sorry, I’m so behind. Been really under the weather lately and have taken some time off. I will try to get this done soon! Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I guess any still left in the World Cup will do 🙂 I’m not big on soccer myself, but I have to follow my teams this once every 4th year lol. I can’t wait to see your answers when you get to it and, I hope you have as much with it as I did 😀


  2. Erik son of Man sounds so compelling! And yeesh the cover of Japhet is gorgeous; I love the color. And yessss, Harry Potter is freaking awesome!! Although it’s kinda sad that I haven’t stopped waiting for my Hogwarts letter in the deepest part of my heart. 😂

    Awesome tag! I hate football too, but I really enjoyed reading your answers! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. GREAT ANSWERS!!! I had such a lovely time reading through your tag! I see you have a few good teams to root for during the Cup! (Even if you’re not the biggest football watcher XD) I have never heard of In Search of a Father before, but that cover is absolutely stunning! Thank you so so much for participating!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading through the post 🙂 And hey, great tag you came up with! I’d never heard of In Search of a Father before neither, but it was the first that came up on Google when I searched for “beautiful covers” 😀 and now it’s on my TBR list.

      Liked by 1 person

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