Held by Magic: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (The Demon’s Covenant Book 1) | ARC review

My rating:  ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Held by Magic

I was lucky enough to BETA and ARC read this book and voluntarily decided to leave my honest review. If you follow my blog you’ll know that BETA reading for L.J. Swallow was a great experience and if you want, you can read more about it here


This book is scheduled to release on the 21st of June 2018, so only 1 more day to wait.


This is the first book in Lisa’s new Reverse Harem series called “the Demon’s Covenant”. This series is a spin-off of The Four Horsemen. Even though, there is a few references and character overlap its not necessary to have read TFH, in order to read this series.


I helped the Four Horsemen save the world, but I can’t save my own life. 

I’m Syv. I like to collect sharp weapons, and my favourite activity is liberating magical items. My best friend is an immortal fae, and I love dogs.

I’m not enthusiastic about end of the world scenarios.

Okay, I’m a half-demon thief with an attitude that brings me more enemies than friends. But the fae part is true.


Held by Magic is such a great start to this series.


The first time we meet Syv is in TFH, where she pops up every now and then, to help them stop the apocalypse. Through the books, she strikes up a friendship with Vee, which helps give her a proper role. However, nothing could have prepared me for how brilliant Syv is as main character in her own series. Seriously, I love this sassy half demon chick.

Syv’s story starts with something that looks a lot like a double cross. She’s on a job, trying to get her thieving hands on a box, when she’s attacked by guards and rescued by strangers. If it wasn’t because she during the fighting gets marked for death, it might have turned out to be an alright day. Since Syv now carries the death mark, she has to weigh her options and ends up going with the strangers that just saved her backside.

It turns out that the heroes are everything but! In TFH Chaos opened some portals and let many different beings through, and now TFH horsemen are hunting down those that escaped. However, as with every other race, not all of them are bad. In fact, three of them just saved Syv, and promises to do what they can to help rid them of the mark, if she in return help them hunt down more boxes.

Trusting and working with others is definitely not something that comes easy for Syv, as she only has 2 friends. And even using the term friend is a bit farfetched. I guess the more accurate way to describe it, would be people she kind of almost trust, and can stand most of the times. Who’s those two? Well, as beforementioned one of them is Vee, the other is the immortal Fae Collector. Not to forget her love for the demonic dog, Spot.

Cerberus Spot


But now, thanks to a cross double cross situation, Syv has no choice but to but her trust in Cillian, Morgan and Dex. This group of anti heroes has a lot standing against them, so much in fact, that it almost looks like another end of the world deal. On top of that, as a lone wolf Syv isn’t sure how to deal with the fact that she’s attracted to these guys.


I really loved every page of this book and even though it’s a spin off, it’s unique, exciting and most importantly, new.


I really liked how Lisa managed to bring some of TFH into the book, while not letting them take over. Personally, I was a bit worried about this part because as a TFH fan I expected them to make an appearance, but I didn’t want them to take the spotlight from Syv. And I’m happy to say that Lisa balanced this perfectly! TFH does make an appearance (or some of them does), but it is is done in such a great way, that it’s clear who’s the leading lady of this series.

The characters, OMG the characters! Lisa is a champion of creating them and guiding them through everything she throws at them. What I didn’t expect was, to see some character development already in the first instalment, of this new series. But I should have known that Lisa would surprise me.

I really can’t recommend this book enough, and if I could I would give it 100’s of hearts.

How about you, is this something you would enjoy to read? Comment and let me know.


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11 thoughts on “Held by Magic: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (The Demon’s Covenant Book 1) | ARC review”

    1. That’s some of my favourites too! I kept thinking of Suicide Squad when I read this book, because of the antihero thing 😉 It was the author that told me about the Hades and Spot thing, and I was like “omg I can’t believe I never knew that” – that’s just too great 😀

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      1. Whew, you’re pretty great at contacting authors directly with your questions! It really proves you’re an enthusiastic reader! 🙂 (And same, I totally giggled at that Hades and Spot revelation; that’s just awesome hahaha)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Why thank you, it does help that I’ve joined like a gazillion Facebook author groups. But for Lisa it’s mostly because she interacts a lot with her readers, and ask questions about certain things to see what people respond to. Which I really like 🙂

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