Tracking Fate: Reverse Harem (Ravana Clan Legacy Book 2)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Tracking Fate Reverse Harem Ravana Clan Legacy Book 2

I was lucky enough to BETA and ARC read this book and voluntarily decided to leave my honest review.


In this second instalment of the RAVANA CLAN LEGACY we get to know Izzy and her potential mates better. And of course, there’s the option of adding one more member to her harem. The mystery danger has also started to slowly reveal itself. Actually, that’s not true. Nothing is revealed, but they do find some strange foot prints and when a shady guard turns up, they all have to take security more serious.

As these books are really short, it’s hard to write in depth reviews of them! However, Erin is doing a great job at letting the characters personality shine through. And I can only admire the work she’s putting into it, I mean writing both outcomes as realistically and intriguing as she does leaves me amazed.

My only negative is, that for the scenario where you reject the second potential mate, Izzy doesn’t come across as likeable. Though, I like how Erin kind of nips that in the butt by having Izzy thinking: “maybe I’m expecting too much”. So, it’s safe to say, that the harem choosing also influence what kind of character you want Princess Izzy to be.

This whole “create your own harem” is not as easy and straight forward as I first thought, because I keep wanting them all to be part of it. So far there’s two different characters that I really want in her harem, but I don’t know yet, if they can both be part of it. So, for now I’ll continue to read both outcomes and see what happens.


Have you read this book? Is it something you would like to read? What do you think of “create your own …” books where you can influence the plot? Let me know in the comments.


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