Dreamless (Starcrossed #2)

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!


Oh, my world! I didn’t think it was possible, but this second book in the Starcrossed series has even more drama, stupidity, mass slaughter of Greek myths – and did I mention stupidity?

They say that pride stands for fall and boy does that old saying nail it for this book.


Since Daphne told the Delos family that Helen’s father was Ajax, it’s now even more important to keep Lucas and Helen apart. It seems that incest is worse than being at war with the Olympians. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro incest at all, but I do believe that my priority would be a little bit different. I mean, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because both are reasons for the same course of action, I guess I’m just having a hard time buying what Ms. Angelini is selling. Hey I can’t be with Lucas because then the Olympians will re-create an all-out war on earth – who cares! I want Lucas. Oh no, Lucas is my cousin…. Nope! That can’t happen.

See what I mean? I think jeopardising the world takes priority and is a fair reason to be expected to stay away from someone. But that’s obviously not good enough for Helen.

Right so as readers we do actually know that Ajax can’t be and isn’t Helen’s biological father. And yet, no one at all thinks to question Daphne. Even the “falsefinder” Lucas hasn’t picked up on her lies. So, how do we know? Well she said to the dead aunt that Ajax died 19 years ago, and Helen is 17. If that’s not enough proof, we hear from Daphne’s POV that she almost regrets telling Helen this lie. But almost isn’t good enough, so she doesn’t set the record straight. Meanwhile, Lucas is trying to push Helen away, but since she’s not really onboard with this plan he has to go all out. So, he almost attacks her and acts like a douchebag – that should do the trick, no? Well, it actually doesn’t. If it wasn’t because Lucas is avoiding her, they’d be back to the same ol’. Seriously, Helen is losing so many cool points from me in this book!

So, Helen can go to the Underworld at will and it turns out it’s because she’s the Descender. Huzzah! Now she just needs to find a way to conquer the weeping and bloody sisters (the Furies), and then everything will be great. Helen takes this very seriously, actually she’s so serious about it that she doesn’t ask for help, tell anyone what’s going on and, ignores any advice that may come her way. On top of that, she’s being a colossal bitch to anyone around her. See, Helen believes so much in double standards that it almost hurts to read about.

Claire was ditching her for Jason.

Helen didn’t respond. She wasn’t about to say she was fine with Claire blowing off their plans when she wasn’t. She knew she was being childish, but she couldn’t stop herself. A big part of her wanted to say that she needed someone right now too.

It does suck when one’s friends behave like that, so I do understand Helen’s disappointment. But let’s not forget the fact that Helen behaved exactly like that for like 50% of the first book. So, she gets no sympathy from me.

Luckily not all the Delos members are fanning over Helen, and one of them actually manages to make a well deserved and much needed stand:

‘And what makes you think Helen is more important than you are?’ Jason asked, his face turning bright red with anger. ‘You could have been killed by some of the stuff written in those scrolls!’.
‘I can’t just sit back and watch my best friend suffer! I won’t do it, even if I am only mortal,’ Claire shouted back at him, like she was quoting something he had said to her.
‘That wasn’t what I meant, and you know it,’ he said as he threw up his hands and made a frustrated noise.
‘Guys,’ Helen said as she tried to step between them, tapping her hands together in the universal sign for ‘time out’.
‘Just stay out of this!’ Jason yelled. He brushed past Helen on his way to the door. ‘You’re not the centre of everyone’s universe, you know.’

I absolutely loved this and I felt like bowing and applauding Jason. Firstly, it’s about time someone isn’t so obsessed with her highness that they’ll do anything for her. Secondly, it’s good to remind her, that it’s not all about her – for all of them. Because throughout this book, she’s getting even more whining than she was in the first book. Even things that should be about other people, ends up being about her.

Lucas was erasing himself, and he was probably doing it so he didn’t have to suffer actually being in the same room as her. He hated her that much.

It just isn’t possible to even imagine that maybe Lucas is hurting too – after all you’d think that when two people in love have to stay away from each other, it would hurt them both. Hell, maybe he’s coping the only way he knows how. But no… that couldn’t possibly be it. It must be because of her, naturally.

On Helen’s many adventures to the Underworld she suddenly stumbles across another living Scion. It turns out that Orion is sent there by Daphne, to help Helen. So, even though he’s under no obligation and he actually help her, she can’t help her snotty, entitled and brattish attitude, when Orion’s real life catches up and he can’t go for a few days:

4 sure. 2night. I won’t ditch you, at least, she replied. She realized that last line was snotty as she sent it, and desperately wished she could snatch it out of the air before it reached him

The more I read about Helen, the more I’m surprised anyone is willing to help her. I know there’s an almost apocalypse threat hanging over their heads, but I might have been willing to risk that just to be free of her! But annoyance at Helen aside, I actually got almost concerned for her at some point. Keep in mind that she’s been attacked countless of times and yet, the girl decides to walk home instead of the safer option: flying. I’m not concerned because I want her to live, but because it just is concerning reading about anyone that is that stupid. But that’s not even the worst part. Hector calls her to let her know that hey by the way, an immortal and uncontrollable Myrmidon is gunning for you. You know, one of the elite killers that fought with Achilles in the Trojan war.

’Just do exactly what I tell you, and then I’ll be less afraid. All right?’
‘All right,’ she promised, already feeling guilty because she knew she wasn’t going to keep that promise.

Yep, why would she actually worry about her safety when she can just wing it, and then blame other people for it not going her way.

‘Did Hector tell you to go look for its nest on your own?’ His words came so quickly she barely had time to process what he was saying.
Helen’s head hurt and her vision swam. They were up so high the air was dangerously thin. Not even demigods could survive space, and Lucas had brought Helen right to the edge.
‘Hector said not to go near it… but I wanted to see for myself before I made everyone panic.

I guess the lesson is: why follow others’ advice when you can be a cry baby and create extra work for the people around you. Lesson learned!

‘You’ve been blowing this out of proportion since the second I told you! The more I think about it, the more I doubt I’m in any real danger,’ she continued defensively.
Lucas face blanched with anger.

I would doubt it too. Just because some kind of immortal killer was camping in my neighbour’s backyard, doesn’t mean I’m really in danger. Especially not just because it’s already tried to kill me once. Nuh uhh.

‘I can’t leave my father alone with that thing practically next door,’ Helen said

Why not? Didn’t she just say there was no danger?

Even though, I’m beyond annoyed with Helen I did still kind of enjoy the book. That’s right until this part:

The obol is the money the dead use to pay Chiron, the Ferryman, to leave the shadow lands, cross the River Styx, and enter the Underworld

Now I don’t actually know what the heck went wrong for Ms. Angelini here. But Chiron is the Centaur, the one and only who taught Jason, Achilles and many other heroes. Charon was the Ferryman! I honestly don’t know if this is a typo, or an intended knife to the heart of Greek myths. Either way, that didn’t sit well with me and that alone would be enough, that I couldn’t have awarded this book five hearts, even if I had wanted to.

Unfortunately, I often find that I dislike the FMC in YA books but even then, it’s not often I think that the death of the heroine would be an improvement. Well, as I’m sitting here and writing my review, I’m convinced that both Starcrossed and Dreamless would have been a lot better if Helen had just died on that fateful day, where she and Lucas saved each other. Sure, there would be no Descender but consider this, without the face that launched a 1000 ships a lot more people would be alive, both now and back then.

So, why am I putting the deaths of the Trojan war on Helen? Well, Josephine Angelini decided that it wasn’t enough to have Helen be a mirror of “the Face” – oh no, it turns out that our Helen, is actually the original Helen. And since she’s just as selfish now, she just reunited the four houses and as a consequence of not listening to anyone, she’s freed the 12 Olympians from the truce. Welcome to hell on earth 2.0

Have you read this book or series? Or thinking about reading it? Comment and let me know.


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