Beta reading for E.M. Moore – Tracking Fate: Reverse Harem (Ravana Clan Legacy Book 2)

Finally part 2 is here

Tracking Fate Reverse Harem Ravana Clan Legacy Book 2

So I realise now, that after I’ve received part 2 of book #1 in the new Ravana Legacy book – I forgot to include this in my previous post. Oopsie! Basically, Erin is releasing these little bits at a time, instead of the entire book. I know she did this with the original Ravana Clan books too, however, I didn’t actually read those until the series was completed. Why? Because I am so damn impatient that it’s killing me to only read about 70+ pages at a time. I gotz to know moar!

EDIT: It would seem they are released as different books, not just part of the same book.

I’ll be honest and say that when only releasing such small portions, it does make it a bit harder to review on them. Mainly because there’s not a lot happening in each instalment. So, from now on my reviews will be short and sweet and then I’ll do a proper review once each book is completed.

As always I won’t be posting my actual review until closer to the release date, in case something major changes in the meantime. But if you like Reverse Harem and vampires, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


Have you read any of E.M. Moore’s books? Do you like short series books? Comment and let me know.


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