Starcrossed (Starcrossed #1)

My rating: ❤❤❤ of 5!


This is the book I was meant to read with my June book buddy but since she’s kind of AWOL, I decided to give her till Wednesday and otherwise just return the book. Then today I figured I’d just read 20 pages, just in case she’d read some without telling me. Low and behold 3 hours later and I’ve finished the book. Oops!


Starcrossed is your typical run of the mill YA paranormal romance book. We have the oh so naturally beautiful and awkward female lead, Helen Hamilton aka Heavenly Hamilton. Yes, this special snowflake is truly marvellous and I almost felt like I should curtsy or something, just for being allowed to read about her. Within the first 50 pages of the book her uniqueness is mentioned like a gazillion times and not so subtle hints are constantly dropped, to really drive the point home: Helen is something special. Got it?

Even if Claire had kicked Helen with all her might, she still wouldn’t be strong enough to leave a bruise.

Subtle, no?


Helen is constantly shying away from being the focus of anyone by slouching, hiding behind her hair and what not. And yet, everyone keeps looking at her and she doesn’t understand why, because she’s just an awkward teenager. Who by the way can run faster than anyone and has super strong bones.

Right so Helen lives on Nantucket with her father, her mother bailed years ago and when taking off she literally erased herself from their lives. She removed all evidence that she was ever there (pictures etc) and only left two things behind: Helen and a necklace that Helen can’t bear to be without. Helen’s father doesn’t hover, he leaves her to do the cooking while he works and watch sports on TV. This dysfunctional family dynamic of two could only remind me of Bella and Charlie over and over again. Helen and her father have just done some back-to-school-shopping for Helen, when they run into her BFF, Claire aka Giggles, who’s ready to let Helen in on the newest dish. A new family is moving into some big-ass house near the beach.

At this stage I had so many Twilight flashbacks that I was ready to DNF the book, but the promise of Greek mythology kept me going – and I’m not sorry it did!

Enter the Delos family.

Of course, this family isn’t exactly normal neither. It’s quite the mix of mother, father, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. This is all kinds of confusing, and it did take me quite a few chapters to keep up with who’s who and what’s what. Naturally, this family is just as unique as Helen and of course one of the boys, Lucas, can’t stay away from Helen. What might be less expected, at least for me, was that the first time Helen lay he pretty eyes on Lucas, she tries to kill him. Even though, that should be a big deal it’s downplayed so much that Helen’s biggest concern is that the entire school saw her do it, so now she’s the newest and hottest gossip. I know she’s a 16-year-old teenager, but even then, it might be slightly more important than you attacked someone with the intention to kill. But oh well, upwards and onwards. Turns out that Helen is seeing three super creepy sisters that are wailing and bloody, which drives her crazy and leaves her feeling really angry. I suppose that’s somewhat understandable because Helen is spending all night sleepwalking to some weird places and at day, she’s followed by the Delos guys and the wailing sisters. I imagine that would leave me feeling pretty cranky too!

We learn that the wailing sisters are the three Furies and Helen and the Delos family are Scions, descendants from the Greek gods. Supposedly the Delos family should be the last Scion family standing and so, their Hundred cousins are wanting to raise Atlantis, overthrow the gods and become immortals. Yes, it’s all very confusing, shady and weird. But of course, the Delos clan is different, they don’t want to anger the gods which is partly why they split from the rest of the family. The Furies follow them because they demand a blood dept to be paid i.e. Helen has to kill one of the Delos’ members or vice versa. But if she does that, she’ll be condemned by the furies. Basically, a vicious cycle repeating itself over and over again.


One day when Helen is fed up with being stalked followed by Lucas, she runs off into some mist and *poof* she flies. However, without a proper handle on things she faints and falls right into the arms of the, also flying, Lucas. Somehow, the fact that they’re saving each other break the curse and the furies follow them no more. But that just means new problems. Apparently, Lucas and Helen need to stay away from each other, which they aren’t doing so great at. We learn that fates and faces keep repeating itself from the Trojan war and eventually, we learn that Helen looks just like her namesake, the infamous face that launched 1000 ships. Any guesses who Lucas looks like? Yep, these two young lovebirds are doomed from the start.

Normally, I really dislike any FMC that suffers from the special snowflake syndrome. However, Helen did grow on me throughout the book, so I’m glad I did stick with it. Sure, she’s selfish, immature and lacks perspective

‘Doesn’t matter? Lucas, this is my life you’re talking about.’
‘Exactly. You’ve been attacked how many times now? We still don’t know who those women are. And I don’t think you realize just how big a threat Creon is even with me standing right next to you, let alone when you go running off by yourself across the island. This is your life we’re talking about, not just an athletic scholarship,’ he said evenly, calmly. ‘I want you to quit. For now, anyway.’
‘You have got to be kidding me,’ she replied, completely deadpan.
‘I’m not. Quit track. Until we figure out how to deal with Creon, it’s too dangerous.

Seriously, why is it that the Mary Sue’s of the book world never grasp the benefit of living? “Don’t run the track because you might die”. “Oh no, how dare you. I must run like the wind”. What good is a scholarship to a dead person one might ask oneself… well this one can’t answer that! But I am fed up with people needing convincing to LIVE.

The cold air was like a slap in the face. It knocked Helen out of her confused state and she realized that no matter what she had been through that day Lucas had been through far worse. It was time to stop feeling sorry for herself and pay attention to him.

See, told you she’d become more tolerable. The only thing that ruins that silver lining is, that this quote is at 94%.

Right so enough about Heavenly Helen and Lucas. The secondary characters are really entertaining, especially Claire. I really like her. I guess she could be hard to like for some, because her biggest worry in the world is why the cool guy picks on her, and whether or not Helen is having an affair with two of the Delos boys. However, when push comes to shove her heart is in the right place! And when she’s being an obnoxious teen, well she doesn’t know about any of the weirdness, so she’s really just acting her age.

What I could imagine being a trigger for some, is Josephine Angelini’s take on the Greek mythology. She’s butchering some of the most well-known myths in a really ballsy way. Some of it is entertaining and quite clever, some of it is just ridiculous. And yet, for some reason I did enjoy the book. So, yes, I will be reading the next book even though, I’m already dreading it. From the summary it sounds like it contains one of my personal pet peeves: love triangles. UGH! But only time will tell.

Have you read this book? The series? What did you think about it? Comment and let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Starcrossed (Starcrossed #1)”

  1. Haha I also really dislike special snowflakes, but the premise of this book sounds really cool even despite its tropes! I think I might check it out sometime if I get the urge; I mean, I love retellings of Greek mythologies, so…. 😉 Amazing review!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t compare it to Percy Jackson. It’s more like she’s twisting the outcome of the Trojan war, and the gods skills/talents. It’s not half bad once you get over the initial shock lol. I would have rated it 5 if it wasn’t because I disliked some of the things she changed.

        Liked by 1 person

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