Weekly update

Reading wise this week had been a bit of a roller coaster.

The beta reading for L.J. Swallow went great and I had really high hopes for this week because on the 5th of June I was meant to start my first ever buddy read. As previously mentioned NIGHTWALKERS really took it out of me and left me drained. So, I decided to not start any new books and instead, turn to some comfort read while waiting for my buddy read.



My buddy partner then wanted to read 100 pages on the 5th and I was totally on board with that, so I read the pages. The next day we were meant to discuss what we’d read when my “buddy” is like “oh I haven’t even started yet, I want to finish my other book” so I’m like alright, let me know when you’ve caught up. Two days later I then message her and ask how far she is and she’s like “I still haven’t started I don’t feel like it”. So, I decide to ask once and for all if we’re still doing it, because otherwise I’ll just return the book and read something else. Yesterday my “buddy” assures me she’ll “get around to it soon”. I don’t know how anyone else feels about buddy reading, but this is exactly why I haven’t done it before. I don’t like relying on someone else and, I hate that I’ve now basically put a week on hold for this without being more than 110 pages into the book.


This is the first time I do buddy reads and while it’s definitely not what I had expected, it is unfortunately what I had dreaded. So, unless I hear something before Wednesday I’ll just be returning the book.


Luckily, this week has ended on a high note, reading wise. Yesterday M.E. Parker sent me another book of hers to beta read. This time it’s a M/M Romance which I’m very excited about. Not only because I love her writing but at the same time I get to do a personal reading challenge, because this will be my first M/M read. I usually don’t write reviews based on beta reads, as a lot can change between then and the published book, but I will still be doing a post about the experience once I’m finished.


How do you feel about buddy reads? Have you read Starcrossed? Comment and let me know.


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