BETA reading for L.J. Swallow

After ARC reading the last three books of Lisa’s The Four Horsemen series, I was so excited when she offered I could be one of her beta readers for the spin-off series featuring Syv.

Held by magic02

I helped the Four Horsemen save the world. Now I’m marked for death.

The only people who can help me are three powerful and seductive guys who don’t belong in this world—and the Horsemen want them dead.

After the almost-apocalypse, my life as an untrustworthy, half-demon thief returned to normal. But everything changed when my latest job ended in disaster. I lost the item I was ‘acquiring’ and gained a death mark. If I don’t find the cure soon, I’m facing life as a lich under the control of a necromancer.

Three sexy supernatural guys have tracked me down. Powerful but seductive elemental, Cillian. Sharp and guarded wizard, Morgan. Their mysterious and passionate companion, Dex. They need my skills to locate an item and know someone who can find a cure for my mark. So, we strike a deal: I’ll assist them if they protect and help me.

I’m taking a risk trusting dangerous men who stepped through the portals from an unknown world. But my death is imminent and options limited, so I’ve agreed to leave with the three tonight.

If they murder me, I’ll be really annoyed.

Held by Magic is the first full-length novel in a slow-burn reverse harem urban fantasy series. This is a companion series to The Four Horsemen but the storylines and main characters are different.

I won’t be sharing my review yet, as the book could still change between now and the 21st of June, when it’s released. However, I can tell you that it just about blew me away. The characters are entertaining to say the least and even though, I sometimes wanted to punch them for not doing what I wanted, they’re lovable and relate-able in their own way. As my main annoyance with FMC’s are when they’re all whiny, I’m happy to say that that’s not the case with Syv. If anything she’s the complete opposite.

For teasers and preview of the book covers for the following two books, you can join Lisa’s Facebook group.

I don’t know how Lisa came to decide on the name “Syv”, which is Old Norse for “seven” – but as a Dane I do approve!







Personally, I found Lisa to be one of the most enjoyable authors I’ve beta read for. It felt more like a book discussion, than just me reading the book and pointing out mistakes. I know that every author do things differently, which is perfectly fine. But for me, this kind of approach felt natural, which made the experience even better.

The downside? I’m so hooked on this new Reverse Harem series, and book #1 hasn’t even been released yet lol.


Are you going to read “Held by Magic”? Have you read any other books by L.J. Swallow or Lisa Swallow? Let me know in the comments.


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