Comfort reads

It’s only Tuesday and already my week is not going my way, reading wise, which always sucks.

I think it was NIGHTWALKERS by Taneshia Jayne Wilson that put me in a reading funk. When Taneshia Jayne Wilson approached me she did ask for any review, whether good or bad. But in my experience that doesn’t always mean that authors take kindly to the negative ones. So, I must give major props to Taneshia Jayne Wilson because she’s actually hit “like” on my review of her book on Goodreads, even though it’s not positive. To me that says a lot about the author!

Instead of hitting my TBR list today I’m spending the day with comfort reads. I’ve read and re-read Their Vampire Queen by Joely Sue Burkhart quite a few times by now, but these never fails to pick me up when I need it. And every time I read it, I pick up on new things. June is going to be a long month, waiting for the grand finale in Queen Takes Checkmate!

While roaming aimlessly around YouTube I also found this which just goes to show, that sometimes a helping hand comes from the least expected place.

How is your week going? Let me know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Comfort reads”

  1. Awww!! Books can do that. I was worried after reading daddy darkest and blood will out would put me in a funk. Not due to poor story….. just violence. I knew what I was going into for the most part but… didn’t help.

    I’ve been surprised about an author liking a not-so great review. But many are happy to receive that feedback (but definitely there are those who don’t.)

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    1. I was sure Bianca Sommerlands “Deadly Captive” would do it to me, those books are like pure torture romance and yet, they didn’t. So I was surprised that this one took all my energy. But it’s good to hear that others have felt the same, even though, I wouldn’t wish a book funk on anyone! 🙂

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