Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1)

My rating: ❤ of 5!

Feral Sins

The other day I was chatting away in one of my Facebook groups, with other people that like me are awaiting a new release of another book towards the end of June. Whilst chatting one of the other members says to me: “Please tell me you’ve read Suzanne Wright’s books” and I was like… “euhm, who?” And that’s how it started.

I was recommended to start with “Feral Sins” which is exactly what I did and my only regret is, that I didn’t know about this author sooner. Because holy freaking amazeballs Batman, this book is fan-fucking-tastic!

When it comes to Shifter books I’m very specific in my likes and dislikes. Mostly, I feel that the whole Alpha male, weak heroine, pack problems etc. has been so many times that honestly, it’s gotten old for me. And that’s why I love the way Suzanne is changing things up.

The heroine, Taryn Warner, is by no means weak. She might be latent (meaning she can’t shift), but her wolf is just below the surface so she still has the strength, speed and agility. In order to make up for the lack of shift, this Alpha female has one hell of a snarky, sassy and no-nonsense attitude that would make Judge Judy proud. There’s just that problem that she’s about to be forcefully mated to a real douchebag, whose only goal is to break her spirit. Charming! As Teryn belongs to her dad’s pack, where he’s Alpha, she can’t get out of the deal.

Trey Coleman is a ruthless Alpha who’s facing a shifter war with his uncle and, in order to survive it he’ll need alliances. Naturally, he does what any red blooded healthy Alpha male would do, he kidnaps a latent Alpha female and strikes a deal with her. The deal is simple: they pretend to be mated. That way she’s isn’t left with the douchebag, and Trey gets an alliance with daddy dearest out of it, so he’ll have the numbers to crush his uncle. And since both Trey and Taryn has lost their true mates there’s no chance they’ll actually bond in their fake mating. Fail proof plan. Right?

Together, Trey and Taryn is bringing sexy dirty talk back. There’s just that small thing that they don’t really see eye to eye on the concept.

“Who does this pussy belong to?”

“Shut the fuck up, Trey, and make me come.”

He thrust his fingers deep and again she bucked and cried out. “Whose is it, Taryn?”

“As I’m the one who cleans it, waxes it, keeps it tidy and has it medically checked, I’d say it’s mine. But you can borrow it if you like.”

Okay, so I’ll be the first one to admit that the plot didn’t blow my mind with it’s originality. What did blow my mind and had me howling with laughter on multiple occasions, was the characters.

Trey is the perfect brooding, selfish, ruthless and so damn swoon worthy Alpha male. On his own, he would be a really annoying character, but with Taryn at his side he’s amazing. With his psycho vibes he’s the kind of guy you really don’t want to piss off and, you definitely don’t want to come between him and his mate, pretend or not!

“And she’s my mate. She’s mine. No one keeps her from me. No one insults her. And no one and I mean no one talks to her the way you just did, understand me?”

Taryn is the kind of female lead that had me wishing I could pull off snapping my fingers and say “you go girl”. Though, the fact that I can’t pull it off didn’t stop me from doing it anyway.

The secondary characters, OMG!

The pack is filled with amazingly awesome secondary character. Like Dominic, one of Trey’s enforcers. That man has an endless stream of seriously cheesy comments and bad pickup lines, falling from his lips at all times.

“I only fell because I got distracted by your breasts. Could you tell them to stop looking at my eyes?”

“I’ve got a better idea. I’ll stay here and you can sit on my face while I eat my way to your heart.”

Trey’s old and prudish grandmother, Greta. She and Taryn are constantly engaging in battles of the will and they barely stop to breath, inbetween hurling insults at each other.

Greta huffed at Taryn. “In my day mates weren’t allowed to live together until after the mating ceremony.”

“In your day a guy named Noah was building an ark.”

But the best thing about Greta, is that she’s bringing “hussy” back. Not acting like one, but the word. In my humble opinion, that word is completely underestimated and it’s just so much better than whore and slut.

So, what else can I say? I can’t recommend this book enough and it’s deserving of 5+ hearts.

“You motherfucking ass-licking son of a goddamn cock-sucking bitch!”

Have you read the book or thinking about reading it? Please let me know in the comments.

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’m definitely going to be reading the rest of the series and, someone did tell me she also has an awesome vampire series going. So, it looks like she has enough to keep me entertained for some time.

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