TBR and buddy reads

For June I’m about to try something I’ve never tried before. One of my reading groups on Goodreads do some TBR and buddy reads. The idea with the buddy read is that me and someone else read the same book, then talk about it. For the TBR read the person I’m paired with, choose a book from my want-to-read (to be read) list

  1. Buddy read: together we chose a book that we’ll start reading on the 5th of June. As we didn’t have many books in common we ended up agreeing on:Starcrossed
  2. TBR read: for this I paired with two different people, they each choose a book from my TBR list. So in June I have to read:Move The SunHer Debt


I’ve never really done any buddy read before, so I’m mostly excited to see how that plays out. Normally, when I read a book I’ll just read and read and read until it’s finished, but this time I might have to pace myself. Otherwise, there won’t be much talking throughout the month.

Have you done any buddy reads before? Or would you like to? Please comment and let me know.

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