Unexpected gifts – thank you L.J. Swallow

Well, not entirely unexpected as I did give Lisa my postal address.

I’ve been lucky enough to do some ARC reading for L.J. Swallow, so far it was for Chaos, Descent and Reckoning in her Four Horsemen Reverse Harem series. As the series is now finished, Lisa wanted to thank her ARC readers by sending a little “something”. And look at what I received in the post today



A beautiful necklace and a personal thank you.

As an ARC reader I received a free copy of the books, in exchange for my honest review, which I provided on Goodreads, Amazon UK and here: The Four Horsemen by L. J. Swallow. However, each and every book was so great that I’d purchased the entire series myself.

To me being an ARC reader is an honour, especially when its a series as great as this one. So that Lisa is taking the time to send personal thank-yous to her team is so unexpectedly generous.

So, if you see this, Lisa Swallow aka L.J. Swallow; thank you so much!


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