BETA reading for E.M. Moore

With all the negative shit that’s going on I want to take a moment to share some positive news.


Back in February I was having a hard time finding my next awesome read, so I asked for recommendations in one of my reading groups on Facebook. That’s when the very talented Erin Butler, who writes under the pen name E.M. Moore, recommended that I checked out her “Ravana Clan Vampires” books. And I was hooked! Since then I’ve read other books by her, like “the Order of Akasha”. However, no matter how much I love her coven o’ hot witches, I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently to find out what comes next for the Ravana vampires.

The wait is now over!

Ravana Clan Legacy - A create your own harem serial

Erin’s goal is to release this beauty at the end of May and, as one of the lucky BETA readers, I dare say that it’s one hell of a start.

The “create your own harem” is not something I’ve heard about before, but it’s actually very clever. What it means is, that there’s certain choices you, as a reader, can make which changes your story from what someone else have chosen. For example, are there someone you definitely don’t want in the harem? No problem, you can choose to skip ahead to the scenario where she doesn’t want him. What you do need to keep in mind is, that with every choice you take a different path. So excluding someone could mean, that there’s others you can’t get, or it might have a different impact on the storyline later on.

Excited? Well I am! And if you want to read the prologue, you can do so in Erin’s Facebook group here


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