The End (Deadly Captive Book 3)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

The End


Okay, so I finished the last book in the “Deadly Captive” trilogy.

I was sat here, in front of my PC when my boyfriend came home and asked why I was annoyed. So, I went into a detailed explanation of each book and how much I felt, that this grand finale had let me down. While I was explaining it all to him, I was very self-righteous in my annoyance and I could feel myself getting worked up about it all over again. At the end I looked at him and said “can you believe it?” where to he cheekily laughed at me and calmly said “I think you’re mixing your frustration about what Cyrus did to Lydia, instead of focusing on what that would actually do to her”. So, I sat there dumbfound when I realised that he is right. My boyfriend actually managed to sum up my own feelings about this book way better that I could. That’s how much Bianca managed to twist everything for me in this book. And I loved it.

The previous two books were solely from the first person POV, Lydia and Nicole, which only gave us very limited knowledge of what was actually going on. I found myself stumbling through both of them, because there was so many things that weren’t explained. However, Bianca certainly changed things up here. We do get the first person POV from Lydia, but not only that, we also get a third person POV to keep up to date with Cyrus, Daederich and Elah. For me this was most welcome and it helped me connect with everyone involved. Though a fair warning, just because the POV is changing, doesn’t mean we get to know everything ahead of time, which just helps the suspense.


There’s so many layers in this book that it’s almost impossible to provide an overview, without either spoiling everything, or just giving random facts just for the hell of it. But as underwhelmed as I was with the second book in the trilogy, I’m just as overwhelmed and in total awe of this grand finale.


In the end of Collateral Damage, we learn that Lydia is giving herself back to Cyrus, in order to save Alrik. Yes, that is a bit cliché with a life for a life, but it serves its purpose. At first, I was struggling a lot with Lydia’s choice, I get that she wants to save the boy, but she barely knows him and yet, she willingly surrenders herself to the inevitable torture, physical pain, psychological mind games and humiliation that being with Cyrus will bring. That’s not only mind blowing, it’s such an unexpected move that it’s hard to say whether it’s ballsy or stupid.


Before long I was getting pretty fed up with Lydia. She went back to Cyrus, willingly. Yet, she spends the first few chapters disobeying him at every little turn.


“He’s in an agreeable mood. Putting in some effort might spare you some pain.”
“Blush isn’t going to keep him from torturing me if he gets the urge.”
“Probably now.” Elah cockked his head. “But consider how much easier Daederich has it when he cooperates.”
My eyes narrowed. “Yes, he’s a very good dog.”
Irritation flashed across Elah’s expression. “Think, Lydia. The rules might change any moment, but for now, you’re being kept healthy and whole. If putting on fucking lipstick would give me the opportunity to gain my strength so I could get the fuck out of here, I’d be the prettiest goddamn bitch you’d ever seen.”


I get that Lydia’s instinct is to fight Cyrus and his gang of psychos when it matters. But why on earth, after everything she’s been through, she’d chose to show defiance on a matter of whether or not to wear makeup, that just didn’t ring true to me. As the story progresses and introduces new players in the mix, it all makes a lot more sense, and I started to not only understand Lydia, but at the end I admired her. We also get to learn about Lydia’s past including how she came to suffer from amnesia.


Personally, the most fulfilling part of the book was learning more about Cyrus.

About his past and his present. I think it’s safe to say that Cyrus is so rotten to the core, that Dante would need to add another circle of hell for him alone. And yet, Bianca Sommerland has managed to make him one of the most interesting villains I’ve ever read about.


“I almost forgot… Sometimes I almost wish I didn’t want to hurt you so much. But just almost. You’re most beautiful when you’re fighting to stay alive. I want to keep you that beautiful forever.”


Even after all the physical and psychological torture the one scene that’s staying with me, and my arachnophobia ridden brain, is one from the first book, where Lydia is put in a coffin with some not so friendly snakes and hairy spiders. Yikes! I honestly don’t know, if I’ll ever be able to forget that one.

Have you read the book? Thinking about reading it? Comment and let me know.


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