Deadly Captive (Deadly Captive #1)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Deadly Captive

When I saw that the trilogy was on offer via Amazon I downloaded the sample, which was so intriguing that I had to purchase it. From the first chapter I was so caught up in this twisted world Bianca has created, and I had a very hard time putting the book back down. The warnings should be taken seriously, this is not your run of the mill bad-guys with attitude problems that upset the FMC. We’re talking hardcore abuse, that makes Mr. Grey’s whipping seem like the stroke from a feather.

Imagine if the victims in any of the Saw or Hostel movies were kept alive for weeks or months by their captors

That’s pretty much what happens to Lydia and Joe! They’re at the mercy of powerful vampires and as long as they prove themselves to be entertaining, they get to live.This book is all kinds of disturbing, steamy, confusing and frustrating. It contains BDSM, mental and physical torture, forced sex and a lot of blood.

The main characters are:

📚 Lydia: the female lead and narrator

📚 Joe – her mysterious cellmate

📚 Cyrus – who seems to be the vamp in charge

Lydia wakes up to find herself chained and unable to see. When she becomes aware of a man talking to her and touching her, urging her to perform in order to survive. It turns out that Joe and Lydia are two humans who has been captured by sick vampires who crave entertainment and thus, they have to keep the crowd happy to keep their lives. Their little cell is so minimalistic that they don’t have any personal items, however, they can earn extra goodies (like a nice bath, new clothes, snacks etc.) by letting their captors play sick mind games while abusing them. On top of that there’s the feeding, once in a while the vampires will come to Joe and Lydia to feed on them.

As a reader a large part of the book is spent in the dark partly because of Lydia’s amnesia so we only learn new things when she does, which does leave some very big gaps. Her cellmate Joe isn’t really helping the mystery surrounding them, when we learn that he’s keeping secrets of his own, like his real name. Personally, I would have liked some POV swap to get a better understanding of what’s actually going on. Are the vampires that despicable that it just is entertainment? Is there more to it? Because towards the end we do learn that at least Lydia may have been chosen for other reasons than just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

When it comes to Lydia, I’m having a hard time deciding whether I want to applaud her feisty nature or slap her silly, for being such a brat. While her survival instinct and love for Joe does indeed get her far, it seems that she can only play ball when there’s something in it for her. And with her lack of control of her emotions and actions, she doesn’t make life easier for herself.

There’s so many questions left unanswered at the end of this book

So far, I can’t really tell, if this is part of a bigger plan which will be revealed later on, or if it’s just for the sake of keeping the mystery alive. <s>So, with that in mind I’ve tentatively rated this book at four hearts, which I may revisit once I’ve finished the trilogy.</s>

EDIT: After finishing the series I standby the rating. Just because I’m impatient and want all the answers at once, doesn’t mean that Bianca Sommerland didn’t deliver. Everything will be answered in due time, at least it did for me in the third and final book.

Have you read the book? Thinking about reading it? Please comment and let me know.


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