Indulged By Magic: Reverse Harem (Order of the Akasha #4)

My rating: ❤ of 5!

Indulged By Magic

I just finished this latest instalment in the Order of the Akasha series about Norah and her coven o’ hot witches. In this story Erin has truly upped her game and filled the pages with love and excitement and wrapped it up in a mystery within a mystery. Intrigued? I definitely was.

Norah, Travis, Randy, Liam and Gabe have managed to keep Norah’s identity as their fifth a secret, but no more. Walter and his coven has put two and two together and, they’re not exactly happy that the guys weren’t upfront and honest with them. As a punishment (which does read more like they’re being chastised than punished), the coven is forbidden from being mixed up in order businesses for the time being. That proves harder than any of them thought, when Dean Reid comes to them and asks for the Order of the Akasha’s help in order to rein in his father, who’s losing control of their family Djinn and his mind.

It turns out that the powerful founding families in Salem became so, because they managed to attach a Djinn to their family line. This includes the Pryors, Liam’s birth parents. The Djinn is meant to do its families bidding, however, not all Djinn’s were happy obeying their family generation after generation – which is why, Liam was adopted.

The coven killed Dupree and ridded Liam of the familiar in the previous book, but they didn’t kill it. Now it’s back again in order to help its master fulfil his plan. In the process we learn who Jay is and I can honestly say, that I had no freaking clue. I hadn’t expected this at all! However, when all was revealed, I have no idea how I missed all the bread crumbs Erin had laid out on the trail. It’s so obvious!

The characters

As the FMC a lot of the attention is on Norah, however, in this book I think that Erin juggled the attention a lot better. We get to know more about where Liam comes from, which I liked. As I’m also adopted I can totally appreciate his hurt and confusion by his birth parent’s choices, especially when he learned how wealthy they were. So, loved that Erin provided some clarity on this matter.

On top of that, I really enjoyed getting to know Travis better. If you’ve read “Stripped” (the Order of the Akasha #0) and the other books, you know that Liam, Randy and Gabe try and explain what happened to Jax and why it hit Travis so hard. However, I didn’t feel that we’ve gotten Travis’ site of the story – which is why I really liked that his personality and thoughts really came into play in this book.

I still adore Norah – especially because she’s such a kick-ass witch. She is very protective of her coven and, she’ll do just about anything to keep them safe. But what I really like about her is, that it’s not “the Norah show” where she expects everyone to follow and love her. So as far as whiny FMC’s go, Norah is definitely not one, which is so refreshing.

I really enjoyed this fourth instalment and I think that the ending was a perfect setup for the next, and last, instalment in the Order of the Akasha series, “Enraged By Magic”.

Have you read the book? Thinking about reading it? Please comment and let me know.


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