Dianthe’s Darkness (Dia McLearey, #3)

My rating: ❤ of 5!


Dianthe's Darkness

The entire Dianthe series is getting confusing and it’s like the books are overlapping each other, well at least the last two (Dianthe’s Awakening & Dianthe’s Darkness). Here’s an example to the overlap:

The world tilted around me. Oh crap, I am going to faint.
Before the ground could kiss me ‘hello’, Caomhnoir grabbed me around the waist and gently lowered me into his lap. His arms wrapped around me and hugged me tightly as he snuffled against my hair.
“You’re my dog”, I said stupidly.
“Hound” he grunted.

“I don’t understand? Why is that distressing to you Dia?”
“Umm, hello! You can turn into a man,” I motioned at his human form frantically.

In Dianthe’s Awakening the Lord of the hunt already made Dia’s hound shift, where she also freaked out, so I have no clue why this is mentioned again and, why she’s freaking about it, again. My best guess is, that something went wrong when the books were re-published, or when Dianthe’s Awakening was made longer. All I know is, that from a reader’s point of view that’s so strange and really messes up the time and storyline.

Dianthe’s Darkness is a very short read and yet, it was still a drag to get through. Dia is a distressed, sad, self-centeret, whiny cow through and through, which makes it almost unbearable to finish this book. Honestly, it was a chore read to me.

Now that the Lord of the Hunt has died and started his cycle, Dia returns to Robin, Kale and Daniel – with her entire entourage; people from the hunt and her new little brother, the Slaugh Fae and their shared teacher. I’m not quite sure what Dia had expected but to me it felt very natural that especially Kale, didn’t take too great to her being knocked up with by a fourth mate, that the other three knew nothing about. Actually, Robin knew but he didn’t tell the other two and personally, I don’t feel it was his place! Dia goes on a bitch rant about the entire thing and feels very entitled in her dislike against her mates even though, she cheated on them – but according to her, they should just get over it and adapt. However, not everyone feels like that so when Dia explains it to Rioghan (her Slaugh brother) he instantly understands the problem.

“You see… he is my mate as well, and he didn’t know that I took another mate while I was away. Wolves are possessive of their mates and don’t share easily. He already has to share me with Robin and Daniel,” I said, winking in their direction.
Rioghan’s lips parted into an O.
“Dia, that’s bad,” he whispered. “You shouldn’t ever take another mate without your other mates knowing first. That’s just rude.” He shuddered.

“All right,” he sighed.
I was taken aback when his eyes glazed over and a chillingly deep impersonal voice poured from his rosebud lips.
“Your slight may be pardoned, since you were unable to leave the wood to collude with your other mates. Mating is not something that can be halted once begun. In addition, your innocence in the way of our world holds sway, although ignorance is never an excuse. The Lord of the Hunt, however, is held responsible as he had every avenue to approach your mates. Unfortunately, due to his cycle he is unable to make recompense and is unable to be held accountable for his lapse.” He turned hus glazed unseeing eyes to me and completed hus sentence. “In this matter, we find no fault. Beware Dianthe of the Wild Hunt and Kin of the Slaugh, you are now bound by the laws of our kind and will be held accountable. Ignorance Is no longer excusable”.

To me it’s very off putting that there needs to be rules against cheating on your mates! Why isn’t that just common sense? On top of that, most of this book has the plot bending over backwards for the special snowflake, Dia. Her temper tantrums and self-absorbance hits new lows, especially when she doesn’t even think or care for her baby. Whenever new males approach her she’s like “oh no I don’t want a new mate” – showing again how everything is about her and how awesome she is, even when said males just want to offer their friendship.

The book does become more bearable within the last 50 pages or so but by then it was too late, the damage had been done. The best part of the book was when it finished and even though, there’s a note from J.B. Miller saying there’ll be a final book, I don’t really fancy putting myself through all of this again.

Have you read the book? Thinking about reading it? Please comment and let me know.


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