Dianthe’s Awakening (Dia McLearey, #2)

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!

Dianthe's Awakening

This second (technically, third if you count the bonus book) instalment of the Dia McLearey series starts almost immediately after Dia was taken by the Hunt – or rather, she went willingly with the Lord and God of the Hunt in order to save the lives of her three mates: Robin/Puck, Daniel and Kale. Relatively quickly after Dia joining the Hunt the Lord and God Cernunnos (Keir) starts to suspect that the Hunt was called as a part of a sham and so, he finds it best to keep Dia with them until he can find out who orchestrated the call and why.


During her time with the Hunt Dia trains with them, makes new friends, gain more power, extends her family and find her last mate (that we know of) to complete her harem. I’ll admit I didn’t really know how to feel about this book! I didn’t much like the way Dia just seemed to be okay with being taken away. I mean yes, she does try to escape once which was painful to read about because of how ridiculous it was. However, instead of being devastated with her loss she kind of just replace the people from back home. We don’t really hear anything about her missing her BFF, Annie, only a vague comparison between her and her new bestie, Bronach. She misses her mates, yes, but she doesn’t seem appropriately torn up about the entire ordeal. I did like Cernunnos in the beginning but after he becomes Dia’s mate, I don’t really like him anymore. Actually, scratch that, I guess it’s not him I don’t like, it’s Dia.


Everyone seems to be bending over backwards for this special little snowflake and she responds by either being a raging bitch or a petulant child. Honestly, I like her best when she’s asleep or knocked out. Her personality and double standards are enough to drive any reader insane especially, when she has a sexual encounter with Bronach. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of F/F action, however, we know from previously that Dia is a jealous mate and now that she’s cheated on her mates I guess I can see why. So far, they’ve all said that sex between mates is fine, because they are all in a relationship with each other, not just with Dia. But Bronach is not part of her little harem, so she doesn’t really have any right to go there. But I guess the plot will continue to accommodate this little Mary Sue, so I don’t foresee any problems with that, which is a shame.


As I’ve only just read this book now it contains two parts instead of being the two books, it originally was. Which is great because when the end of part one comes up, we hardly know anything and we’ve definitely not moved anywhere in the storyline. However, despite there being two parts in this book I felt unfulfilled when it ended. I don’t want to reveal why, but let’s just say that Dia is in mourning and seriously needs to get her thoughts and emotions under control. When we leave her, she’s admitting to having favourites within her harem and, she doesn’t even spare a thought for two of her four men. So, in order to ever make me a team Dia reader, I need her to grow the F up and pull her shit together in the next book.


Have you read the book? Thinking about reading it? Please comment and let me know.


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